Fitness Announcement! *MUST READ*

…and now to announce something I have been promising all day…

You might just have to wait a little longer while I explain a few things. (Please stay, it won’t take long!)

After going out to the derby on Saturday night and getting home late, yesterday morning I was a walking zombie!  I had to work up on Mt. Macedon and let me say, it wasn’t the greatest day for me.  I felt like I should have been actually hung over for how I felt. Being a quiet day, we closed up early and I was home just after 5 o’clock.

I decided on the way home that I was going to run when I got home but I hadn’t decided on how far. I needed to run a considerable distance as I bought a Nike+ Pod for my new runners and I wanted to test out the distance compared to my phone GPS tracker. (A small side note: Totally disappointed with the pod; very inaccurate)

Alright, here we go, on to the actual run.

I went south through my town, half deciding on whether I should do the 9km combined track I’d mapped out a few weeks earlier. I’d run about 3.5km when I saw a fairy float in front of me. (I’m not dreaming, it wasn’t a real “fairy” but one of those fluffy seed pods that float in the air. We used to call them fairies as kids!) I threw out my hand to catch it because if you caught it and it had a key (main seed) you get to make a wish. I pulled my hand back and in between my fingers was the fairy and THE KEY! I made my wish.

I kept running and decided I would run the 9km combined track.


9km down and I wanted to run a little bit further just to get a good workout so I decided I’d run until my legs literally didn’t want to run any more.

(Brain thought.. *See if you can make it close to the running event you have in April*)


I had 500m to go and I messaged my mum which is something I never do when I am running. “Water please” I was BEYOND EXHAUSTED. My legs were heavier than heavy and I’d worked myself up so much that I was having trouble breathing.

I made it home. Aching and in pain, (which wasn’t what I had set to do) I was proud of my efforts, regardless of how far I had travelled.

What was my wish?
It was “I want to be able to run the distance of a half marathon”.

Did my fairy grant my wish?

There is no other word than “fuckyeh” (excuse my French!) to explain how I felt. Not only had I jogged beyond the distance of the run in April but I’d just run HALF A MARATHON!

My legs ached and I alternated between a cold bath and hot shower (2 minutes each, 3 times over). It made them feel a little better but a massage would have been amazing.

Today I am a little sore in my knee joints but I am associating that pain with running on the road, something I shouldn’t do a whole lot of. Bright side: I JUST RAN HALF A MARATHON!

I am going to set a few more goals on training my body for the “Run the Rock” event but if I never run 21km again, I can say I DID IT and HERE IS THE PROOF.


I didn’t go for a run tonight and I have football training tomorrow so I am hoping my knees are feeling better.

Push your body to it’s limits because you never know how great you can be until you try.


P.s. PB!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Fitness Announcement! *MUST READ*

  1. Great stuff nothing better than pushing yourself to the ragged edge good on ya. Have you thought about a foam roller for a good massage and compression leg sleeves for after your long runs, it really does work a treat. 🙂

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