Just Dance & Skip.

Happy dances when you receive an email back from someone you didn’t expect to reply. More awkward when you skip around the reception of your office and there are a foyer full of people watching. #winningtoday

Let’s get another update later today, shall we?  Okay you twisted my arm.  Secret plan updates to come.

La Love,
C. x

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Friday Rant



I don’t care if people talk about me behind my back. If their world is so boring that they must talk about mine, then go right ahead. HOWEVER, when you talk about me to someone else who is slowly becoming a part of my life and your indirect goal might be to sabotage what’s happening, then you’ve hit a nerve.

*A bit of background information. A few years back, a previous boyfie and I broke up. He didn’t like it but there is nothing unusual about a couple breaking up. He had run his race with distrusting me and being WAY too overprotective. However, my now ex and a certain person took it upon themselves to get involved and make my new life (with a new boy) hell by causing trouble and turning people (who I thought were my mates) against me. They also spread rumours about me around the area and my football club. At the time, it annoyed me but I was moving on with my life and new boy so I blocked it out. Now back to my rant…

Tuesday, I had gone up to watch the Ranger’s men’s team train and catch up with a few of the lads. I had tried to speak to #cuteboy a few times but I was getting what seemed the cold shoulder so when training had finished, I just got up and left. I didn’t say bye because if he was mad at me for some reason, I didn’t want to make it worse. However, when I got home, there was a message on my phone asking why I hadn’t stayed back to say goodbye. So, turns out we both just had our wires mixed up and agreed to catch up on Wednesday after training and have a quick chat. I rocked up to his house on Wednesday and before I went inside, we went for a little drive to chat privately, where his family couldn’t hear. Issues were sorted and we were good, until he mentioned 2 people. Have a guess?

My ex and the person who had helped cause trouble!

Turns out, this person has told #cuteboy that I had previously dated someone else from the club.

Just what I wanted to talk about really; my ex with a possible new flame… NOT! I had already told #cuteboy the story once before because the “Have you cheated on someone?” question came up and some of the rumours that were spread were that I cheated on my ex I broke up with, with the new boy. NOT TRUE in any circumstances!

MOVING ON… I tried to find out then what else was said. I didn’t want #cuteboy thinking I was lying to him about the story and who knows what this person had told him. #cuteboy said nothing more and that it just came up in conversation. (…and my thought was “pigs fly too!”) Later in the night, I ended up finding out that this person did in fact tell #cuteboy that I had cheated on my ex.

Now for the rant…

Where do some people get off telling others stories and talking about things that they don’t even know the entire truth? Is your life so terrible that you must F*ck everyone else’s to make you feel better? There are three sides to every argument; yours, mine and the truth. Only the people involved in the argument will know the ACTUAL truth and if you aren’t directly invoiced, stay out of it. If you happen to be dragged into the argument, listen but don’t pick a side. It’s not your place.

… and …

After two years has passed, I definitely don’t think it is your place to bring it up with a new person in my life. That’s my job, certainly not yours.

Just when I think life is good and things have passed, people decide put their nose in where it is not wanted. Ugh.

C. x


Note: #cuteboy was not worried about what has happened in the past. It’s in the past. We are just taking this as it comes and seeing where this train goes. He does have a very cute smile. 🙂

A Bout of Happiness


It’s morning, everyone! Today’s the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are gonna get out of… this hole we have been dwelling in. Shall we?

It’s been a while since I updated you guys on the things in my life that were making me down and unhappy. I’ve been so consumed in photo challenges, Black Milk noming and football that I’ve probably neglected thinking about the subject really. I guess the basic question I need to ask myself right at this very moment is, “Am I happy?”

Simple answer is yes. Does anyone remember the reasons on why I was feeling down? It has been so long since I discussed them with you, that it is difficult for me to even remember them. Let’s rewind shall we? *stalks back through old posts*

Ah yes, the big one… A pulverised heart. I wrote several posts talking about *x* and I and how our relationship was about as rigid as jelly. It definitely went from one extremity to another. An update? Well, we still talk every few days but their job is demanding and my schedule now is hectic so catching up can be difficult. I still like to check in and make sure they are safe and everything is well and they do the same for me. Not really any different to last time EXCEPT my feelings have diminished a lot. Do I still have feelings? Yes; but they aren’t in the same league. I still care but that is about as far as it goes. It’s like we are almost back to where we began. I tell them about my fitness (when they ask) and they encourage me to keep pushing myself. We haven’t forgotten what happened between us but we have put it in the past and moved forward like adults and tried to better things. I think it has worked.

Picture from Live Life Happy
Picture from Live Life Happy

Another small happiness has snuck up into my life. It came out of nowhere, as most surprises do. I don’t want to get too excited. I just want to ride this new shiny train and see where it takes me. #cuteboy, that’s all I’m saying.


I posted a few days ago about a new adventure. I joined a new football team. This has not only improved my mood ten fold but I have pretty much found my love for the game again! *happy dance* I have football tonight actually, as it is Wednesday. It is a practice match against an old rival we played against while I was at the Rangers, Brunswick Zebras. It might be my time to show the head coach that I am indeed good enough for his senior squad. I shall try to remember to relax and that basics are best.


I don’t believe you could fully CONQUER life itself, but with each time you conquer something small within it, you can come damn close.

Stay happy and keep smiling,
C. x

P.s. An mini update on the job front. Not much has changed and but it’s been pretty constant the last few months or so. I’m learning to let go of things here that are not in my control and I am trying to ignore those little things that seem to frustrate me enormously. (which sometimes proves more difficult, but I’m getting there. :))

Fitness Announcement! *MUST READ*

…and now to announce something I have been promising all day…

You might just have to wait a little longer while I explain a few things. (Please stay, it won’t take long!)

After going out to the derby on Saturday night and getting home late, yesterday morning I was a walking zombie!  I had to work up on Mt. Macedon and let me say, it wasn’t the greatest day for me.  I felt like I should have been actually hung over for how I felt. Being a quiet day, we closed up early and I was home just after 5 o’clock.

I decided on the way home that I was going to run when I got home but I hadn’t decided on how far. I needed to run a considerable distance as I bought a Nike+ Pod for my new runners and I wanted to test out the distance compared to my phone GPS tracker. (A small side note: Totally disappointed with the pod; very inaccurate)

Alright, here we go, on to the actual run.

I went south through my town, half deciding on whether I should do the 9km combined track I’d mapped out a few weeks earlier. I’d run about 3.5km when I saw a fairy float in front of me. (I’m not dreaming, it wasn’t a real “fairy” but one of those fluffy seed pods that float in the air. We used to call them fairies as kids!) I threw out my hand to catch it because if you caught it and it had a key (main seed) you get to make a wish. I pulled my hand back and in between my fingers was the fairy and THE KEY! I made my wish.

I kept running and decided I would run the 9km combined track.


9km down and I wanted to run a little bit further just to get a good workout so I decided I’d run until my legs literally didn’t want to run any more.

(Brain thought.. *See if you can make it close to the running event you have in April*)


I had 500m to go and I messaged my mum which is something I never do when I am running. “Water please” I was BEYOND EXHAUSTED. My legs were heavier than heavy and I’d worked myself up so much that I was having trouble breathing.

I made it home. Aching and in pain, (which wasn’t what I had set to do) I was proud of my efforts, regardless of how far I had travelled.

What was my wish?
It was “I want to be able to run the distance of a half marathon”.

Did my fairy grant my wish?

There is no other word than “fuckyeh” (excuse my French!) to explain how I felt. Not only had I jogged beyond the distance of the run in April but I’d just run HALF A MARATHON!

My legs ached and I alternated between a cold bath and hot shower (2 minutes each, 3 times over). It made them feel a little better but a massage would have been amazing.

Today I am a little sore in my knee joints but I am associating that pain with running on the road, something I shouldn’t do a whole lot of. Bright side: I JUST RAN HALF A MARATHON!

I am going to set a few more goals on training my body for the “Run the Rock” event but if I never run 21km again, I can say I DID IT and HERE IS THE PROOF.


I didn’t go for a run tonight and I have football training tomorrow so I am hoping my knees are feeling better.

Push your body to it’s limits because you never know how great you can be until you try.


P.s. PB!!!!!