March Challenge Update

This is the first time in 5 months that I haven’t set myself a distance goal for running. Back when I set this goal, at the beginning of March, I was convinced it would be a pretty realistic challenge.

Oh, was I wrong!

We are currently at day 20 of March and for the whole month I have ran a total of 30.19 over 3 days. This is a terrible effort and not the training I need to be doing for my Run the Rock event. (Click here for more info on that event and here to donate.)

The challenge set was to run 2 out of the 3 days between Friday and Sunday. The last 2 weekends have been busy for me and I haven’t had a chance to run. I ran on the Labour Day holiday and I ran yesterday because I didn’t feel up to going to boxing. For the next 5 weeks I have decided that I am going to give boxing away for one day a week, to give me a chance to clock up some km’s for this run. I have also decided to try running half an hour in the morning before work, most likely on my treadmill. I need to get my legs used to running every day again and at the moment, training twice a week and running once, isn’t enough.

I’ve also been struggling with my healthy eating and I may have put a few kilograms back on. *sad face* However, if I try and speak to people about the disappointment of gaining those kilograms back, they all look at me and say, “Candice, you are fine. You don’t need to loose any weight. Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat.” If only they saw what I see every day and feel what I’m feeling, then they would understand. I feel yuck within myself that I don’t weigh what I used to but I LOVE FOOD way too much. Why is it that most things that are ever so yummy are always THAT bad for you? I am trying to get back on track and some days are difficult but I am hoping with trying to run again almost every day, those few kilograms will drop off again.

I can be pretty determined when I need to be so I am hoping that, that determination kicks in soon and I will be back to my lowest weight I have been since November/December. Ever since Christmas, I have been plateauing and I am pretty disappointed in myself. With Easter around the corner, I am going to be very cautious and make sure I don’t eat too much chocolate. (As for me buying Chocolate for others, this will happen. 😉 If I am going to stuff my face and be a little fatty, then everyone else can do it with me :P)

C. x


P.s. It’s not too bad, all my clothes still fit, so I don’t need to buy new ones. 😉

A Bout of Happiness


It’s morning, everyone! Today’s the day! The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and we are gonna get out of… this hole we have been dwelling in. Shall we?

It’s been a while since I updated you guys on the things in my life that were making me down and unhappy. I’ve been so consumed in photo challenges, Black Milk noming and football that I’ve probably neglected thinking about the subject really. I guess the basic question I need to ask myself right at this very moment is, “Am I happy?”

Simple answer is yes. Does anyone remember the reasons on why I was feeling down? It has been so long since I discussed them with you, that it is difficult for me to even remember them. Let’s rewind shall we? *stalks back through old posts*

Ah yes, the big one… A pulverised heart. I wrote several posts talking about *x* and I and how our relationship was about as rigid as jelly. It definitely went from one extremity to another. An update? Well, we still talk every few days but their job is demanding and my schedule now is hectic so catching up can be difficult. I still like to check in and make sure they are safe and everything is well and they do the same for me. Not really any different to last time EXCEPT my feelings have diminished a lot. Do I still have feelings? Yes; but they aren’t in the same league. I still care but that is about as far as it goes. It’s like we are almost back to where we began. I tell them about my fitness (when they ask) and they encourage me to keep pushing myself. We haven’t forgotten what happened between us but we have put it in the past and moved forward like adults and tried to better things. I think it has worked.

Picture from Live Life Happy
Picture from Live Life Happy

Another small happiness has snuck up into my life. It came out of nowhere, as most surprises do. I don’t want to get too excited. I just want to ride this new shiny train and see where it takes me. #cuteboy, that’s all I’m saying.


I posted a few days ago about a new adventure. I joined a new football team. This has not only improved my mood ten fold but I have pretty much found my love for the game again! *happy dance* I have football tonight actually, as it is Wednesday. It is a practice match against an old rival we played against while I was at the Rangers, Brunswick Zebras. It might be my time to show the head coach that I am indeed good enough for his senior squad. I shall try to remember to relax and that basics are best.


I don’t believe you could fully CONQUER life itself, but with each time you conquer something small within it, you can come damn close.

Stay happy and keep smiling,
C. x

P.s. An mini update on the job front. Not much has changed and but it’s been pretty constant the last few months or so. I’m learning to let go of things here that are not in my control and I am trying to ignore those little things that seem to frustrate me enormously. (which sometimes proves more difficult, but I’m getting there. :))

Fitness Announcement! *MUST READ*

…and now to announce something I have been promising all day…

You might just have to wait a little longer while I explain a few things. (Please stay, it won’t take long!)

After going out to the derby on Saturday night and getting home late, yesterday morning I was a walking zombie!  I had to work up on Mt. Macedon and let me say, it wasn’t the greatest day for me.  I felt like I should have been actually hung over for how I felt. Being a quiet day, we closed up early and I was home just after 5 o’clock.

I decided on the way home that I was going to run when I got home but I hadn’t decided on how far. I needed to run a considerable distance as I bought a Nike+ Pod for my new runners and I wanted to test out the distance compared to my phone GPS tracker. (A small side note: Totally disappointed with the pod; very inaccurate)

Alright, here we go, on to the actual run.

I went south through my town, half deciding on whether I should do the 9km combined track I’d mapped out a few weeks earlier. I’d run about 3.5km when I saw a fairy float in front of me. (I’m not dreaming, it wasn’t a real “fairy” but one of those fluffy seed pods that float in the air. We used to call them fairies as kids!) I threw out my hand to catch it because if you caught it and it had a key (main seed) you get to make a wish. I pulled my hand back and in between my fingers was the fairy and THE KEY! I made my wish.

I kept running and decided I would run the 9km combined track.


9km down and I wanted to run a little bit further just to get a good workout so I decided I’d run until my legs literally didn’t want to run any more.

(Brain thought.. *See if you can make it close to the running event you have in April*)


I had 500m to go and I messaged my mum which is something I never do when I am running. “Water please” I was BEYOND EXHAUSTED. My legs were heavier than heavy and I’d worked myself up so much that I was having trouble breathing.

I made it home. Aching and in pain, (which wasn’t what I had set to do) I was proud of my efforts, regardless of how far I had travelled.

What was my wish?
It was “I want to be able to run the distance of a half marathon”.

Did my fairy grant my wish?

There is no other word than “fuckyeh” (excuse my French!) to explain how I felt. Not only had I jogged beyond the distance of the run in April but I’d just run HALF A MARATHON!

My legs ached and I alternated between a cold bath and hot shower (2 minutes each, 3 times over). It made them feel a little better but a massage would have been amazing.

Today I am a little sore in my knee joints but I am associating that pain with running on the road, something I shouldn’t do a whole lot of. Bright side: I JUST RAN HALF A MARATHON!

I am going to set a few more goals on training my body for the “Run the Rock” event but if I never run 21km again, I can say I DID IT and HERE IS THE PROOF.


I didn’t go for a run tonight and I have football training tomorrow so I am hoping my knees are feeling better.

Push your body to it’s limits because you never know how great you can be until you try.


P.s. PB!!!!!


Running Is Fun, Right?


I’m sitting here at my desk (after knock off time) browsing the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Black Milk Clothing.  My brain is ticking over the photo challenge I need to complete and why on earth I ran so hard last night! It was however one of those “you can be sore tomorrow or you can be sorry tomorrow” moments. I may have rethought my strategy though, if I knew I was going to be this sore. 😛 (Post on that following this one) Whilst browsing, I heard an ad earlier for a fun run around Albert Park Lake this weekend coming, raising money for ovarian cancer.  I thought about looking it up but then dismissed the idea because I have to work and it would be too short notice to cancel on Luke.

It did however, stir a few thoughts in my brain on how I could improve my running and what I get out of it. Due to tearing my knee, my physiotherapist said I should only run on surfaces that have a little bit of “give” in them, like grass and gravel; not hard like concrete. I created another tab and Google popped up. I typed “off road fun runs in Victoria” which bought up this website, Australian Running Calendar. Using the search bar with all the drop down boxes, I typed amended the search to “1km-10km, in Victoria and off-road”. I scrolled through the results to try and find an event that was remotely close to where I live.

BINGO. Hanging Rock, Woodend. I literally drive past this rock, every Sunday, on the way to Top of the Range! It’s about a 40 minute drive from my house.

The event is called “Run the Rock“. It’s hosted by Start to Finish Event Management and it is raising money for the Cancer Council. What a terrific cause!00008267-image

The event hosts a few different distance races:
2KM kids race
5KM walk/Run
10KM run
17.5KM run

I then sat here, weighing up the options. 10KM or 17.5KM? I haven’t done a running event, ever. I have only run around my home town or on my treadmill. Why not give this a real crack? I messaged my mum and my mate Gerard, to see whether they both think it was a good idea. CHECK and CHECK! They both said I would thrive on it and should give it a go.

If you want to any more information on the run, click here. Start to Finish also host a number of other runs in Victoria, go to their home page and start there if this one doesn’t appeal to you. 🙂 I am waiting on finding out how to raise money but once I do, I may post a link here. 😉

Training for this started yesterday. I am about to write another post on yesterday’s events so stay tuned readers. It will be posted tonight.

17.5km … Watch me beat you!

C. x

Believe in yourself