February Photo Challenge – Day Four

Took a while to get today’s shot.  I wasn’t going to take the obvious shot because that would be just rude.

OH! Sorry, I haven’t told you the topic.  Today’s topic is “bottom”.

Anyway, I’m not going to take a photo of an ass.  That’s not appropriate.  I found something a little more fancy.

I have a pair of heels from Wittner that I’ve owned for several years now but I’ve never worn them.  What a joke, right?  I bought a pair of heels that I’m probably not ever going to wear. 

Here is why. GLITTER. EVERYWHERE. They are insanely beautiful.


The “bottom” is all silver glitter while the sides and top are entirely pink glitter. Princess like even! In.Love.

Another day down.

C. x

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3 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge – Day Four

  1. I love those shoes! I remember them my only regret is not buying them. I have a pair of Wittner heels that are white lace with glitter on the bottom….like you i’ve never worn them shhh!
    I love the concept behind the daily themes thats really smart and interesting 🙂

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