Running Is Fun, Right?


I’m sitting here at my desk (after knock off time) browsing the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Black Milk Clothing.  My brain is ticking over the photo challenge I need to complete and why on earth I ran so hard last night! It was however one of those “you can be sore tomorrow or you can be sorry tomorrow” moments. I may have rethought my strategy though, if I knew I was going to be this sore. 😛 (Post on that following this one) Whilst browsing, I heard an ad earlier for a fun run around Albert Park Lake this weekend coming, raising money for ovarian cancer.  I thought about looking it up but then dismissed the idea because I have to work and it would be too short notice to cancel on Luke.

It did however, stir a few thoughts in my brain on how I could improve my running and what I get out of it. Due to tearing my knee, my physiotherapist said I should only run on surfaces that have a little bit of “give” in them, like grass and gravel; not hard like concrete. I created another tab and Google popped up. I typed “off road fun runs in Victoria” which bought up this website, Australian Running Calendar. Using the search bar with all the drop down boxes, I typed amended the search to “1km-10km, in Victoria and off-road”. I scrolled through the results to try and find an event that was remotely close to where I live.

BINGO. Hanging Rock, Woodend. I literally drive past this rock, every Sunday, on the way to Top of the Range! It’s about a 40 minute drive from my house.

The event is called “Run the Rock“. It’s hosted by Start to Finish Event Management and it is raising money for the Cancer Council. What a terrific cause!00008267-image

The event hosts a few different distance races:
2KM kids race
5KM walk/Run
10KM run
17.5KM run

I then sat here, weighing up the options. 10KM or 17.5KM? I haven’t done a running event, ever. I have only run around my home town or on my treadmill. Why not give this a real crack? I messaged my mum and my mate Gerard, to see whether they both think it was a good idea. CHECK and CHECK! They both said I would thrive on it and should give it a go.

If you want to any more information on the run, click here. Start to Finish also host a number of other runs in Victoria, go to their home page and start there if this one doesn’t appeal to you. 🙂 I am waiting on finding out how to raise money but once I do, I may post a link here. 😉

Training for this started yesterday. I am about to write another post on yesterday’s events so stay tuned readers. It will be posted tonight.

17.5km … Watch me beat you!

C. x

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