March Challenge

So, I am at tee minus 53 days until my big run for the Cancer Council. (Need more information on that event or want to sponsor me? Click here!) I have run a few long runs lately (about 12km) but nothing close to the 19km I need to run on that day. I should probably get on running in the evening so it cools down as I go, rather then run in the morning and it warms up as I go.

Let’s get on to the monthly running challenge, shall we? As you all should be aware by now, I am training for football and boxing twice a week. Monday/Wednesday are for football and Tuesday/Thursday are for boxing. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for running now does it? I’m not going to stop running but I have slightly amended the challenge to compensate for this lack of time.

This month I am not setting a distance on which I need to cover. My goal is just to run 2 out of the 3 days I have free, no set distance required. Of course, in my head I am going to try and run as far as I can, in order to train for the Run the Rock event in April but if I don’t feel up to running 10km plus, I’m not going to.

The first 3 days got off to an average start because I missed a run on Friday, I ran 8.36km on Saturday and I had a practise match on Sunday; making the grand total for this month so far 8.36km!

It will get better and I will have one run this month that is at least the length of Run the Rock. (19km!!)

What challenges have you set yourself for this month?

C. x


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