Dream Team Challenge – Day 9

Image by Jade Lee Mind Body Transformations

Evening! Today brings around day 9 of this 30 day mind and body challenge.

This evening I went to dinner with Melbourne Victory at the Football Federation Victoria Gold Medal Dinner.  It’s a smaller version of what the AFL call the Brownlow Medal.  I took the day off as a long weekend, to get myself looking all pretty and things for the evening. Got my hair curled, makeup done and wore this amazing dress. I felt pretty.


Today was all about visualizing your dreams and goals again but this time as a whole and not just about your body.  Where do you want to do in life; what do you want to do; do you have  term goals that you are currently working towards?

What is my greatest dream?  This one was so easy for me, I could say it in my sleep!

I want to attend the 2022 FIFA World Cup.  Dream BIG! You never know how far you can go until you try.

So that’s the end goal.  What’s the plan?  I’m still working on it.. However, I have now completed my Event Management Diploma, I’ve been volunteering non-stop with major sporting clubs like Melbourne Victory and I just need 1 person to believe in me enough to give me a go in a different career.

This is a huge long-term goal – 6 years from now.  I have no idea what I am doing next week but hopefully, it’s something that will make this dream a little bit closer and a little more real.

#Footballisforever. As I have said many many times, football is my freedom and I will stop at nothing to get where I want to be. What are your biggest hopes, dreams and goals? Think about that.

C. xx

Pre 30 Day Challenge Post.

Tomorrow brings around a 30 Day Spring challenge I will be completing with Jade Lee Mind Body Transformations.

Let’s back track a couple of steps.  I’m posting again.  For how long? Who knows… Hopefully this full 30 day challenge to start with.  I always say it… I miss posting and writing and I miss leaving all my worries on this virtual diary. I miss you guys. Life just gets in the way and sometimes it takes a while for you to find your way back.


30 Day Fitness & Health Challenge

I’m only 1 week off finishing my 16 week challenge and that has been a struggle over the last 6 weeks.  I’ve had a number of things go on and I’m almost off the wagon but I’m much more in front that behind, which is a positive.  Tomorrow will help jump start me for the next 16 week challenge.

Why am I posting a pre-challenge post? Jade was asking all the participants in the challenge tonight, what are our goals and what are we putting in place right now that will help achieve our first 7 day goal?

My goals for this 30 days are:
Build more lean muscle in my upper body and maintain my lower body
Execute 5 unassisted pullups
Execute 20 knuckle/toe pushups in a row

What am I doing to make sure I achieve my first 7 day goal? What is my first mini goal? Do I have a 7 day goal? Not yet but I have until tomorrow to work it out.  I have the long term ones worked out. To make sure I’m on track for all my goals is get my nutrition right.  No deviating off the meal plan. Stick to the meal plan! REPEAT; stick to the meal plan! That is going to be my struggle but I will do it.  It’s only 30 days.  That can be my 7 day goal.  The last thing I am going to do is make myself accountable by posting on here with my daily task that Jade has assigned for the day and what I ate all day.  I don’t want to let myself down but I think I get more disappointed when I let others down.

Tomorrow is my fitness test and weigh/measure/photos.  Those will be a little scary but numbers are just numbers.  They don’t always take into account muscle or beauty or strength.

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La Love,

candice baxk

Another New Year… New Plan

There are so many things that I have wanted to post about yet I haven’t posted a single one?

Why is that? I’ve been off work since 23rd December and it’s now 3rd January. 10 days should be plenty of time.

I’ve had Christmas and New Years in between then and a whole lot of other activities going on which have taken up some time. Now, I have to go back to work tomorrow for another year but I do not want to spend another year away from my blog, away from the gym and away from you guys.

What is the plan for the year? I’m not 100% sure. Last year I made some pretty big goals and I didn’t achieve any of them because I was studying. (I’ll will also try get around to updating everyone on that as well) This year I just want to be a stronger and fitter person, blog regularly and follow my new dreams of running events.

I’ve eaten way too much bad food in this break and my body is suffering. Time to fuel it with nutritious foods and exercise to get it back to normal. Today I plan on buying a new pantry full of clean foods, cooking up a storm and catching up on sleep so I’m ready for the work week and an early wake up time.

Catch up soon fellow bloggers. I’ve missed everyone.

La love,
C. xx


Two Thousand and Welcome


Or for those of you who have been around for a while, Go Forth and Conquer version two point oh!

I am ‘planning’ on being around a little more often that the usual 6 month ‘what’s new in the zoo’ post.

I finally made the decision on getting a domain name.  Why? Why not?  It’s my website, why not own it completely?  I am also quite partial to the sound of candiceashley (dot) com.  Flows quite nicely, I think.

So what’s really new in the zoo?  Not a whole bunch.  I haven’t changed my hair since my last post.  I am still working on my fitness, which is a big deal considering I’m almost 12 months down the road from my knee reconstruction.

I’m just blabbering again aren’t I?

I actually have a form of writer’s block, so much so, that I have tonnes to write about but I don’t know where to start and what to start on, that I have no idea on what to write.

How about, 2015?  Another year flew by without even saying goodbye.  2014 was a tough year for me, recovering from a knee reconstruction and not being able to play my belovered game of football. 2015 is a new year.  A better year for me to be the strongest/fittest person I could be, life to date.  I have set a number of small goals that I want to achieve this year and even if I do say so myself, they look pretty damn awesome!

Goal One: Participate in Miss Muddy

miss muddy

Goal Two: Participate in Run the Rock – 19km event


Goal Three: Participate in Tough Mudder

Goal Four: Be the fittest I have ever been, not the lightest

For people who have been following my journey, you would know I registered for the same event at Run the Rock, 2 years ago, in 2013.  However, literally 2 weeks before the event, I injured my knee and couldn’t participate in that distance.  I still ran the 5km, in a PB.  Here is the that post with my results.

Miss Muddy is an event some ladies at my gym participated in, in 2014. It’s a women’s only mud run with obstacles and all sorts of fun included.  At the time of the event in 2014, my knee probably would have kept up with the challenge but there was no point in risking it.  By the time April comes around this year, I will be 15 months post reconstruction and fighting fit.

Tough Mudder.  Everyone’s heard of it.  Ever since it’s been around, I’ve been keen to give it a go, just to say I have.  Why not participate in the year I am going to be at my strongest?

Goal four is actually my new year’s resolution.  It wan’t going to be give up “this” or make sure you do “that” every day.  I needed a realistic goal.  One I could do while still eating something bad or missing a blog post for a week.  I have some awesome trainers at my gym and some epic will power within myself, to make this goal a reality.

Now, after I’ve welcomed you and told you a little about the year head, who’s coming on this journey with me?

Let’s smash 2015, together.
C. x