Anything Is Possible If You Just Believe

A few weeks ago I posted about my own downward spiral into unhappiness and loosing someone who means the absolute world to me.  It has taken a couple of weeks, a few semi awkward catch ups and a few honest conversations but *x* is back and we are talking again.  *insert smile here*

It’s amazing what happens when you finally write down your feelings and share them with a world that doesn’t know you and can’t judge the situation because they don’t know the complications.  It wouldn’t have mattered to me if no one read my post; writing down my feelings about all my situations has helped me immensely.

Our break only lasted for a week but I went through a number of stages trying to come to terms with what has happened with us and how I want our friendship to be.  The first day I was so upset and mad at myself for letting *x* walk away.  I was worried all day on what they really thought about me and if they were wondering if I was okay and if it was hurting them at all.  The second day, I relaxed and was coming to terms with what had happened and what I needed to do in order to make this friendship whole again.  It was the longest stint of not talking to *x* since we met.  I am not going to cover it up, it was HARD but we are definitely better off.

How about an update on the other situations I mentioned in that post? Okay, because you twisted my arm.

My car is done and dusted and I have put that out of my mind.  The only thoughts I have about him now is that I need to give him a good vacuum. 🙂

I am only 3 weeks away from paying off my credit card. WOO HOO! That will be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I will be definitely cutting that little sucker up.  BYE!

Have I found things that are making me happy? Absolutely.  Take a look at any of my recent posts.  Happiness everywhere.  My jogs are improving because I am working hard and I am seeing results.  PB’s flying all over the joint.  I have had a few great nights out with mates especially for my 23rd and just recently, Louise’s 21st. (Post on that soon when I get the photos off her :))  For those moments when I am feeling a little down, my blog keeps me entertained.  I also tune into a few other blogs to see how their fitness programs are progressing or how many beautiful photos they have taken.

Ooooohhh, I have just started a few more new adventures.  Wanna hear? 😀

I saved up enough $$ to upgrade my laptop.  I will provide information on that beast soon.  It’s a new white Toshiba laptop.  IN LOVE!

I also have a new part-time job.  Sort of anyway. 🙂 My friend owns a business on Mt Macedon called Top of The Range Tearooms and one day he was looking for an extra helping hand.  I said, why not?  I haven’t seen him in ages so I thought this was a good opportunity to catch up as well as earn some extra $$ to pay off my credit card. Talking about win win situations here.  I absolutely loved it. Great business and the staff are lovely.  I was a little worried about carrying coffees out more than 2 at a time but I have gotten the hang of it.  I have worked 3 shifts so far and yesterday got asked if I would like to make it a more permanent thing, if possible.  I said absolutely! 😀

Previously, in the last few weeks, I had applied for a few casual Xmas jobs but haven’t had much luck as I can only work weekends with my current PA job.  This opportunity came out of nowhere and I love it. 🙂 I guess some things you really just fall into, hey?


That’s all the new adventures I have for now BUT there are some in the works. 😉 Keep an eye out.

Tonight I will smash out another solid 30 minutes of jogging while X-Factor is on.  C’mon The Collective ( more importantly, a perve on Trent hehe ;))

Whether you run fast or run slow, just run.
C. x

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