November Update

It’s about time I gave you guys an update for one of my November goals.  It was to clock up 50km of walking and jogging for the entire month.

The BIG Question: How many km’s have I covered so far in 19 days?

The AWESOME Answer: 53km!

I have already conquered my goal and I have another 11 days to go.  *FIST PUMP*

I don’t think I have been more proud of myself in the weeks of late.  Within the last 2 weeks, I have had 3 days where I have smashed out 5km (or more!) jogs, without stopping; something I only thought was for super fitness freaks.  (Maybe I’m becoming one! Haha ;))

The Saturday just gone saw me run outside for the first time in a while. I smashed a 5.2km jog.  Jogging on my tread mill is a lot easier because there is not a breath of wind or a rise in the dirt.  It is just a constant flat surface with no interference.  My run outside saw rises and falls, bridges and a constant head wind but I finished in 33.19.9 minutes.  Something to look at improving as I move forward .

I made myself run.  My brain told my body it wasn’t ready to give up.  One light pole at a time.  Just one more. It worked.  I was so happy.

I am happy.  Happier than I have been in a long while. Each run makes me smile a little bit m0re, knowng my body wants to run harder, faster and longer.  I am getting there, one small leap at a time.


3 thoughts on “November Update

      1. That’s the technique I used to use so I definitely wasnt gonna laugh 🙂

        I think mine was more like “Ok you’re knackered so stop at the next corner… Oh great you passed the corner silly goose, you might as well keep running to the next corner..” Etc etc til I got home haha

        PS: I’ve been reading every blog but this is my first reply hehe xx

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