Weekend Adventures


Melbourne Cup Carnival has arrived in Melbourne which only means one thing! LONG WEEKEND! (Okay, not really, it means fashion, parties, drinking, horse racing, betting and a few seedy mornings…)

Today (being Monday) is not an ‘official” public holiday so poor, less forntunate people like myself (who have drawn the short straw) had to work today while the rest of the office soaked up another sleep in. I think I may have taken 3 calls all day. It was a day filled with bordem and facebook bludging. ABSOLUTELY RIVETTING STUFF!!

But… how was my actual weekend?!?

Pretty chill to be frank! Cruised up to Lake Eildon in BeeJayy with Mum and Bear (that’s my puppy) and did absolutely nothing except rake up some freshly mowed grass, wash Bear, drink Strongbow and eat a good old pub made parma!

Well, I did do a 10km walk yesterday with the old parentals. Rotary Victoria had opened up all the old parkland around Lake Eildon and the dam wall so we decided we would relive our past of seeing can can trees and old bush walking adventures. Of course the can can trees were gone but we still talked about them as we walked through the parkland, just as if it was yesterday when we last saw them. Not sure what a can can tree is? Well, it’s just a tree, absolutely any tree, decorated with hundreds of beer and soft drinks cans. It was quite a sight when you were 4 years old and I bet if it was still there, I’d be just as excited. Unfortunately, because they are in fact litter, the cans got got removed but the memories remain. It did great things for my fitness and helping my goal for the month. (Post on that soon; basically a goal of 50km walking/running/jogging for the whole month combined) Unfortunately I had to come home after that because of work today. 😦

Tomorrow sees the actual Melbourne Cup but guess what I’m doing… Yep… Working! A good buddy of mine owns Top of the Range Tearooms on Mount Macedon and needed some help so I offered a helping hand. Not too sure what’s what up there and what I’ve got myself into but only time will tell. I’m working 11-5 so I can give you all a run down of tomorrow’s events after dinner.


So much for a long weekend huh?!?

C. x

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