I just want to throw in a disclaimer here for all those that have said to me, “Are you really okay?  I read your blog.”

I am happy.  I’ve got a supportive family, great boyfriend, awesome friends and my work colleagues are also pretty good.  My gym trainer and my best friend (even thought she’s in a completely different part of the state!) all still check up on me to make sure I’m travelling okay.

I am good.  I just expect the absolute world from myself and know that if I don’t complete something to the highest standard I can, I will regret it.  This is why I am stressed.  I just want to make myself the best person I can be.

I’m blown away on all the feedback I’m getting from my blog and the support that’s coming from it.  Blogging actually helps me manage all my thoughts and stresses and gets them out of my head and on to this virtual diary.  I love blogging.  Any blogging is better than no blogging for me.

I’m had another treatment on my neck/back/shoulders and I am feeling alright this morning.  I’ve had a coffee and I’m about to smash through some work so I can relax a little this afternoon and do some of my homework at lunchtime.

We will get through this together, blogging family.  1 post and 1 assignment at a time.

La Love,
C. x


30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Thirty.

Well, lads and ladettes, day 30 is upon us. It would seem that today is my last post. I decided to finish off with a topic that should have been easy; however with the lot I have at home, nothing is ever easy.

Today’s topic is family and what a crazy, idiotic bunch they are!

I tried to get some normal photos of them but my brother kept pulling these ridiculous faces. As pay back, I am going to upload them, stupid faces and all.

Please feel free to laugh.

C. x

P.s. The father dearest was camera shy, therefore only pictures I got were of my mum and brother.
P.p.s. January isn’t finished, so I might have an extra post tomorrow. Only because I know you guys are loving this challenge. 😀

Can't take them anywhere...
Can’t take them anywhere…

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Four. (Part Two)

Welcome or welcome back to my 30 day photo challenge.  This post is Part 2 of Day Twenty four as last night I didn’t have a super internet connection so it was very frustrating and it took me over an hour to attach the photos and publish yesterday’s part one piece.

If you aren’t aware what the post was about then click the link above and everything will make sense.

Alright, you twisted my arm; I’ll let you in on the secret. (But seriously, c’mon, get clicking!)  My topic was Somebody I Love and my subject was no one more important than, my mum. 🙂

My mum is not only my mum but my best friend.  I can count on her to be there whenever I need her and she supplies the rainbow ice-cream when I am sad.  Even when we have our “power struggles”, as dad says, I love her with all my heart and I couldn’t think of having a better person at my side.

At the moment, she is trying to get back into fitness and she told me that I am her inspiration because I have been exercising/running for over 4 months and still haven’t got to my goal weight yet and haven’t given in. 🙂 Awwwwww! How flattering!

There isn’t much more I can say that wouldn’t just be repeating myself.

I love you mum, always have, always will.

🙂 ❤

C. x

Excuse the no makeup, we both had just been for a walk/run. :)
Excuse the no makeup, we both had just been for a walk/run. 🙂

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Four. (iPhone edition, Part One)

Due to my Internet being down and my Samsung Galaxy breaking last night, I am going to post these couple of photos up, give you a brief description then tomorrow, hopefully I can post about the topic a little better and pretty this post up a little.

So we shall see this as Day Twenty Four, Part One.

Today’s topic is another one close to my heart.

Somebody I Love.

Below is a picture of my best friend. However, not only is she my best friend, she is my mum. 🙂

I love her more than words describe.

I really wish I could explain more but with my Internet down, it’s going to be difficult to even try post this.

What do you think; do we look alike?

Sty tuned tomorrow for Part 2 and my post for Day Twenty Five.

C. x