One Month To Go!

In exactly one month, I’ll be running in my first running event, Run the Rock! I would have been running for an hour by this time so hopefully, I’d be half way.

I am almost half way to my target of $1000 and with 30 days to go, I would really like to raise as much as possible.

I have been a bit slack with the running due to football and boxing but I am cutting boxing back for the next three weeks just so I can get some miles in these legs. It is Easter this weekend in Australia so I will be trying to run as much as possible due to public holidays and no training.

I am dedicating this run to my uncle who passed away last September due to cancer. I am thinking of getting a singlet and sports crop printed up with his name printed somewhere on it but I will see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.

In the mean time, if anyone could spare a dollar, here is my fundraising page.

Run fast or run slow… just go.
C. x


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