Turning Humans Into Heroes

Here I am, 6.47am this morning, already at work, willingly here, 2 hours earlier than my official start time. (Or I was when I started to write this post.  It's been a couple of days in between finishing but lets's pretend I am still at work at an ungodly hour. 😛 ) Have I gone cray … Continue reading Turning Humans Into Heroes

One Month To Go!

In exactly one month, I'll be running in my first running event, Run the Rock! I would have been running for an hour by this time so hopefully, I'd be half way. I am almost half way to my target of $1000 and with 30 days to go, I would really like to raise as … Continue reading One Month To Go!

Cancer Council Fundraising Event – Officially Registered!

LADIES AND GENTS! IT'S FINALLY OFFICIAL! RUN THE ROCK 2013! I have actually registered and now cannot back out! A minor detail has changed on the event but it isn't a huge deal breaker. Originally, it was 17.5km; it's now 19km. What's 1.5km more, right? The last few runs I've done around home have been … Continue reading Cancer Council Fundraising Event – Officially Registered!