Black Milk March – Entry Thirteen

Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

Welcome to another Black Milk March Event. Tonight, we are unveiling a second cap sleeve body suit.

May I present to you, the Kaleidosnake Cap Sleeve Bodysuit.

Vibrant snakeskin pattern contained in tight and stretchy nylon goodness. Could it be anymore perfect? Donning capped sleeves and a super low back, this bodysuit is perfect for summer 🙂

I didn’t like the pattern for the leggings but I am sooo glad I got the suit.


P.s. Sorry for the poor effort on photos, I just got back from a footy practice match and I am in the foulest mood, ever.





P.p.s. These model’s make the clothes look soo much better. JEALOUS!

Image from Black Milk Clothing
Image from Black Milk Clothing

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