Black Milk March – Entry Thirty One

Last post for Black Milk March. I'll have a new challenge for you guys tomorrow. This dress is beautiful and it will be the first maxi I own. I can't wait. However, Liverpool is about to start playing against Asron Villa, away. Much more important. 😉 YNWA Revenge of the Burnt Velvet Maxi C. x

Black Milk March – Entry Twenty Eight

LLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WEEKEND! YAY! 4 days of bliss and chocolate! Here is something colourful for the Easter break. Barbie Spewed On Me Cap Sleeve Bodysuit C. x P.s. It's so colourful and shiny and I really want it but because its a designer fabric, the pieces will all have different colour placements... I'd totally be keep … Continue reading Black Milk March – Entry Twenty Eight