February Photo Challenge – Day Fourteen

Happy Valentine’s Day! (again)

Today is a day to share love around the world and especially with someone you love.

It’s the same story every year; some couples love the day because they can be all sappy with their partners and some singles hate on the day because they don’t have anyone to share their love with.

I would say I’m somewhere in the middle. I like the idea of being spoit but I also believe that every day is special and if I had a loved one, then they should make me feel loved on days that aren’t marked “special” in the calendar.

But… I’m single so no flowers or chocolate for me 😛

On to todays topic. Not to hard to guess. LOVE.

I took a few pictures for today’s topic but nothing really stood out. Everything I took a photo of just looked that little bit “off”.

I got home from boxing probably an hour ago and it’s taken me that long to come up with something remotely good.

*Little bit of background for the photo*
An ex of mine was a trooper in the Australian Army. He got posted out to Darwin which meant he had to move away from Melbourne for the next few years. 😦 Our relationship was deep and rich even though we had only been seeing each other for a few months. Me, being the hopeless romantic, decided to create a scrapbook of all our love notes and memories and when I went up to visit him, I was going to give it to him so he’d have something to look at when I couldn’t be there. Now, long story short, just under 3 months of him being in Darwin, the p$#&@ broke up with me VIA TEXT MESSAGE! A real “hero”. I had half completed the scrapbook and now it sits in my cupboard in a box, collecting dust.

Now you have the story, here is the photo.


It is a page from the scrapbook.

Why did I pull out my scrapbook of love notes from an ex ON VALENTINE’S DAY when I am single?

… Because I remember how I felt when I created it. I remember the “love” that went into it.

Today is all about LOVE. (Tomorrow, I can go back to hating him!)

C. x

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