February Challenge Updates

Remember last month’s challenge? 80km in one month and smashed it = 108.37km
Remember this month’s challenge?  80km in one month.  Should be easy, right?

This month has been tough.

I’ve started football training (Details to be posted on this!! 😉 ) and I have up-ed my boxing classes from 1 session a week to 2.

Here is the current schedule.

Monday – Training
Tuesday – Boxing
Wednesday – Training
Thursday – Boxing
Friday – Free
Saturday – Free (unless a training session is called)
Sunday – Free (unless a practice match is called)

Therefore, that is 4 days were I am MIA from running which leaves 3 consecutive days for running.

I have currently covered 43.933km for the month including that half marathon distance on the 3rd!  I still have 36.067km to go and potentially only have 6 running days left. That’s over 6km for every one of those days and I’m not sure when the practice matches are and if we will have any training sessions on Saturday’s.

I think it is going to come down to the wire to be honest! Nothing like a good challenge, right? Isn’t that what this is all about? 😉



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