30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Two.

I’m 3 weeks in and going strong! Day twenty two and today’s topic wasn’t difficult but the location I was in wasn’t hugely glamorous. I’m pretty tired because I had boxing tonight, so tonight’s post will be short-ish.

Because I had boxing tonight, I needed to stay down in the suburbs and well, they aren’t the prettiest when you daily topic is Landscapes.

The only opportunity I had was after work before driving to my grandparents house.  I went down to the bottom of the industrial estate where is backs on to wasteland and paddocks to see if anything looked remotely good.

This what I came through with.  I found these awesome flowers, well maybe weeds because there were so many, so I took a few snaps of those as well.

Enjoy lovelies, C. x

IMG_1078 IMG_1075IMG_1079 IMG_1064

P.S. Driving home from boxing, I captured this.  I didn’t have my tripod and a lot of the view was fenced off, but I still like the look of all the lights and the sky 🙂 It was a hazy night again due to fires, so unfortunately the city doesn’t really stand out.



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