30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Three.

Day twenty three is upon us and I want to try and get this out before 11.00pm so I can have a decent sleep tonight.  Although, being a tennis nerd, that is proving quite difficult with the Australian Open on AND Roger is playing tonight!

Day twenty three brings on something old.

I took this challenge in a different light and didn’t photograph an old beat up car or a wooden wagon.  I took something from my own life that seems old to me.  It’s not hundreds of years old but it is in fact one of the oldest items I own.  Oldest meaning, I have had it for most of my life.

This item is so very close to my heart and when we had the Black Saturday bushfires go through my town, there was absolutely no way I was leaving it behind. It travels with me almost everywhere (even on work trips!) and comforts me when I’m sad or lonely.

Any guesses? No?

It probably measures about 23cm high and 15cm wide.

… Still no idea?

It is soft and squishy…

Yep, you guessed it.

A teddy bear!

He goes by the name of Little Ted. So original right?  I’ve had him for so long that I don’t even remember where I got him from.  Must have been before I could hold a decent memory so that’s at least 20 years!

I love him to absolute pieces; even with his crooked nose! 🙂

Best little guy ever! ❤

C. x


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