30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Sixteen.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Candice did.
Who me?
Yes you.
Couldn’t have been.
Then who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Such a childish game but so frustrating when you really want a cookie and there are none!

What do cookies have to do with my photo challenge. Absolutely nothing. It’s the jar I am after.

A cookie jar, a jam jar or a vegemite jar. Any jar will do, as today’s topic is exactly that. Photograph a jar.

I got given this awesome looking cupcake cookie jar from a person at my work because they were going to throw it away.  I don’t use it for cookies; that would ruin my fitness plan.  I just use it to store random items that I find somewhat valuable.

I tried to photograph it with a white background but after failing to have a white sheet, a blank canvas had to do.  I think it came out ok although I was having trouble eliminating the shadows from the light, flash and window. I moved outside to try and get a different feel and no shadow.  It sort of looks like I’ve photoshopped it into the photo but I promise I haven’t.

What do you think? Should I fill it with cookies?
C. x

IMG_0897 IMG_0913IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0934

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