Dream Team Challenge – Day 5

Today's challenge was about food. Currently my meal plan exists of 3 clean food based meals and 2 protein supplement shakes as snacks.  I was successful today at having all of that bar a couple of sweet lollies and cheese during the day. If I don't be honest with myself, I'm only kidding myself. I'm … Continue reading Dream Team Challenge – Day 5

Dream Team Challenge – Day 1

Today, we as a team, #teamjlmbt or #jadesdreamteam started our 30 day challenge.  It's not just about fitness or just about eating healthy, it's abour a full body transformation and cleanse. To keep me accountable, I did say I would post up what I ate.. The good with the bad.. Breakfast - Pro-Oats (oats, milk, … Continue reading Dream Team Challenge – Day 1