F4T Thursday


Have you ever taken a step back and looked into your past to see what the ‘kid you’ thought you would grow up to be?  Compare that to the person you are now?  Are you the same person?  Well of course you are the same person, but yours dreams and aspirations, are they true reflections of who you are right at this point in time?

If so, then congratulations! Sincerely! I’d don’t know the official stats but I’m going to make up my own and say less than half of the population would really ‘grow up’ to be the person they dreamed of as a kid.

If not, then congratulations also! We are twins! I am most definitely not the person I thought I would be.  Dreams of becoming a hair dresser and a professional tennis player are now out the window. My other dream of becoming a zoologist is not quite out the window.  I could go back and study to do that but that dream is hidden away in my cupboard, probably never to show it’s face in full daylight again.

Another alternative is that you could be a ‘better’ person that you thought you ever could be. Maybe you have shown your competition that you have what it takes to be the best.

It’s amusing, the thought’s that run through your head while you eat breakfast at your desk, in your current day job, dreaming of being somewhere else, showing the world what you are made of. Maybe, just maybe, that will come true.

La Love,
C. x

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