Here I was going to type something about changes and how they are indifferent.  Not good but not bad either.  Just a simple change.

Right at this point in time, while I lay in bed, freezing my ass off because its too late to light up our wood fire, change is good.

Yes.  Change is good.  Even if at this point in time, you cannot see the good reasoning behind the change.

Why am I talking about change?  There has been a lot of change in my life, just in the last 6 months,. I’ve changed my hair colour at least 3 times.  I’ve changed my gym schedule.  I’ve changed job roles. I’ve changed my lifestyle. I’m now attending college. All these changes were and are for the better.  I am trying to create the best ‘me’ there is. Although, I may not like some of these changes now (like the lack of gym attendance) I know in 5 months I’ll be finished college and have my diploma and I can attend gym every bloody day if I want to.

I like change.  It pushes me to find another path to create a better me.  I don’t believe there is a point in one’s life where they truly believe that nothing can be bettered or everything is perfect.  You can always be a better you, even if it is just donating your last dollar to charity or helping a Nanna cross the road with her groceries.

Even though I do not get on here as much as I used to, blogging makes me a better person.  Why you ask?  It gives me a vessel to dump all my negative thoughts, spread them across the page and out of my mind.  It makes my thoughts clearer and my perspective on life more positive.

This is just what I needed tonight.

La Love,
C. x

positive vibes

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