Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Eighteen

*The Adventure Continues* June 25th 2012 DAY EIGHTEEN!! Today was an exploration day around Vienna. FREE TIME! In the morning we had a city tour, held by Cindy, our tour manager. The day was so miserable to start with. I had to buy an umbrella just to cover my DSLR so it didn't get wet. … Continue reading Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Eighteen

Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Seventeen

*The Adventure Continues* JUNE 24th 2012 DAY SEVENTEEN!! Today we travelled from Venezia to Vienna. We travelled through the Dolomite Mountains and they were HUGE! Half the bus were asleep and missing out on these beautiful, mighty mounds of dirt. The rest of the day I spent gazing outside the window of the bus or … Continue reading Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Seventeen