Newer Me?


Ombre,,, Brown to Blonde with my bangs back.

I am really digging it.  I am also growing it out again… which is taking longer than I want but there is nothing I can do about it.

AH. Him! ❤


February Photo Challenge – Day Twenty Three

First post I’ve done in days where it’s not after 10.30pm.

Today’s topic had me take out my gorillapod and get some faceless selfies.


Solitude is a state of seclusion or isolation, i.e., lack of contact with people. It may stem from bad relationships, deliberate choice, infectious disease, mental disorders, neurological disorders or circumstances of employment or situation.

I don’t have any of the above but I wanted my photo to look like I was lonely and isolated from society.

I look myself down to our local oval and tried a few photos sitting on stairs, park benches and against light poles. Nothing really looked spectacular and well, lonely. I then walked around to the field where I like to star gaze and walked past a horse yard. It was bland, dusty and covered in weeds. Perfect for a shot where I was supposed to look lonely and secluded.

I took a few closer up with my back to the camera but it was still quite bright and cheery. I moved further out and sat down with my back to the camera. I then added a few gradients in photoshop to make the mood of the shot dark and less cheery.

Here is my favourite final edit.

IMG_2103 copycopy

Below are a few other pictures I took but didn’t bother editing.

Enjoy guys.
C. x




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30 Day Photo Challenge – Day Thirty One (Extraordinary Post!)

An extraordinary post because I know you guys are loving my challenge.

Today was the one of the crappest days I’ve had in ages. Football isn’t going to plan, my boxing class was cancelled and I couldn’t run.


Today was another generic end of month topic: Another selfie!

Here you go!




P.s. Stay tuned for tomorrow. There might be a surprise.

30 Day Photo Challenge – Day One.


In order to give blogging a good crack this month, I have decided to complete a 30 day photography/writing challenge. I don’t think I could be a post-a-day blogger just yet, but hey, I might get there. 30 days is a good challenge for me at the moment because I am trying to fit in with my monthly fitness challenge and working two jobs.

I am still working on the odds and ends of the design for the list (hopefully I’ll get that up and posted tomorrow) but today’s topic is a pretty generic topic for DAY ONE. Me, myself and I! Here is a photo of me today (What a great self portrait! 😉 I was experimenting with my new Gorillapod) with 7 random facts.


Random Fact Number One: I hate power points that are turned on but have nothing plugged into them.
Random Fact Number Two: I’m scared of spiders.
Random Fact Number Three: I don’t like odd numbers.  The exceptions are 5 (my footy number) and 7 (my favourite number).
Random Fact Number Four: I hate the corners of my books being bent.
Random Fact Number Five: I have the Jolly Roger of John “Calico Jack” Rackham hanging in my bedroom.
Random Fact Number Six: Until I was at least 18, I hated wearing heels and dresses. (Strange how something’s change very quickly huh?)
Random Fact Number Seven: Lillies are my favourite flower.

That’s it for day one.  That was pretty easy hey! Let’s see how good I am at keeping up! Look out for tomorrow’s post.  It includes food and who doesn’t love food! 🙂

C. x

P.s. I am also writing a few other posts not related to my photo challenge.  You know, those every day, boring posts.  These should be complete and posted in the next few days. 😉