Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Six

*The Adventure Continues* June 13th 2012 DAY SIX!! Today we woke with the decision of going to Nice or Cannes. I believe our entire group had decided to go to Nice, so I just went with the flow 🙂 When you have 50+ people wanting to buy a train ticket to the same destination, waiting … Continue reading Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Six

Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Four

*The Adventure Continues* June 11th 2012 DAY FOUR! ...and we are still in France! Beaujolais Wine region to be exact. Today was a relaxing day, designed to catch up on some sleep, write in our diaries or go out and laze by the pool. I didn't do any of that. I got up early (compared … Continue reading Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Four