Black Milk March – Entry Twenty One

This is my last entry. I have nothing left in my collection to show you.


However, I need to have my adult cap on and say, bills need to be paid. SO; after today, I am going to finish of the month with posts on pieces that are on my wishlist. 🙂

Ok, today’s piece.

It is a little different to the norm. It’s a singlet that has so many shreds, it looks like I got attacked by a shark. 😉

I heart BM slashed tee

C. x



Images from Black Milk Clothing
Images from Black Milk Clothing

Black Milk March – Entry Nineteen

So not in any mood great tonight. I planned on doing a post early but then I went and watched my old football club’s men’s team train (and to catch up with some of my buddies) and got snubbed there. I came home and planned to do my blog at 9.30pm and my mum begged me to straighten her hair, so here I am, at 10.30pm, posting late.

I have done a post on this item before so I am not going to elaborate a heap.

Retro Gamer Leggings

Tetris anyone?

C. x





Black Milk March – Entry Eighteen

…and welcome back to photography taken with my Canon and not my iPhone.

I had a pretty hectic weekend with working both days, getting drunk on cider and going out on a cute movie date last night that my photography and posts became almost non-existent. I have decided fashion photography isn’t great when you have no models or awesome backgrounds to shoot with. Nevertheless, another post is about to be completed.

I believe after tonight’s post, I have 3 more pieces; 2 leggings and one top. I know that isn’t going to finish out the month but I am going to have to improvise because there are some bills that are much more important that buying leggings. I wish it wasn’t the case but it is.

This piece is from the Middle Earth collection and is my last piece of my own mini “Middle Earth collection”.

Hills of Gondor Leggings

Much appreciated by those who are lost in Gondor and Rohan and cannot find their way.

C. x







Image from Black Milk Clothing
Image from Black Milk Clothing