Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Twenty Three

*The Adventure Continues* June 30th 2012 DAY TWENTY THREE!! Today was a jam packed day so I am going to break it into four main parts where you can still see my entire day but miss all the boring bits. Action Packed Part One: White Water Rafting! THIS WAS INSANE! I am so glad I … Continue reading Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Twenty Three

Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Nineteen

*The Adventure Continues* June 26th 2012 DAY NINETEEN!! Today was an interesting day. In a nut shell, I travelled on a coach, got locked in a castle, pub crawled through Prague and met some pretty awesome people. How about a more detailed version hey? The entire day we travelled on the coach so that is … Continue reading Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Nineteen