I just want to throw in a disclaimer here for all those that have said to me, “Are you really okay?  I read your blog.”

I am happy.  I’ve got a supportive family, great boyfriend, awesome friends and my work colleagues are also pretty good.  My gym trainer and my best friend (even thought she’s in a completely different part of the state!) all still check up on me to make sure I’m travelling okay.

I am good.  I just expect the absolute world from myself and know that if I don’t complete something to the highest standard I can, I will regret it.  This is why I am stressed.  I just want to make myself the best person I can be.

I’m blown away on all the feedback I’m getting from my blog and the support that’s coming from it.  Blogging actually helps me manage all my thoughts and stresses and gets them out of my head and on to this virtual diary.  I love blogging.  Any blogging is better than no blogging for me.

I’m had another treatment on my neck/back/shoulders and I am feeling alright this morning.  I’ve had a coffee and I’m about to smash through some work so I can relax a little this afternoon and do some of my homework at lunchtime.

We will get through this together, blogging family.  1 post and 1 assignment at a time.

La Love,
C. x


Brief Three.


Full steam ahead of Semester 2 of my Event Management Diploma and tonight we got given Brief 3 of our Major Project.  Originally it was a 10 part monster but it’s been cut back to 7. Umm. Yay.

This doesn’t make it easier. Having less briefs that is.  I’m still snowed under. I’m still poor in managing my time. (You’d think studying it would me better at it!)

We have to create a mood board to reflect what we want our event to feel like, look like and help to draw out what emotions we get from attending such an event.

When you think of football, what do you see?

I see the freedom of football. The smell of the pristine and freshly cut grass. The feel of cleats crunching into the earth. The wind in your hair and the fight in your heart. The empowerment in teamwork and the precision of the game. The laughter of children and the skills they develop. The passion. The love. The magic. The fulfillment.

All these things I see, feel and hear come straight from my heart but I find it difficult to find physical images that relate. Putting it down on paper (or virtual paper) might help to explain to others though, on why I love this game so much. It might even help with visual ideas when I’m having an off day and can’t think of things.

I still need to touch up briefs 1 and 2 however this is an entirely live document. There is no right or wrong until December when I  present it. I just need to keep working on it and make time and take things as they come.

Love the world game.

La love,
C. x

Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Sixteen

*The Adventure Continues*

June 23rd 2012

VENEZIA! Finally! We only spent the day here and were leaving for Vienna the next day. The camp that night was hectic. What was supposed to be a Masquerade Party turned out to be a massive brawl and people almost being arrested and kicked off the tour. Luckily, they weren’t and it didn’t ruin our group apart from them having to stay sober for the rest of the trip.

I took over 300 photos that day so here is a small montage of photos. 🙂

C. x

montage 1
montage 2
montage 3
montage 4
montage 8
montage 7
montage 9
IMG_7009 edit
montage 6montage 5