Being Competitive.


I’ve been meaning to write this post all day.  I’ve gone through it in my  head, what I’ve wanted to get across as a message but I still can’t find the right way of writing it down.. However I am just going to continue to type words and by the end of this post, maybe somewhere along the way it will make sense.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m competitive.  Competitive by definition: “As good as or better than others of a comparable nature.” In some instances, I find this to be a good thing.  A healthy bit of competition never hurt anyone and it can push you to be a better version of yourself.  However, when that competitiveness becomes more prominent, does that become unhealthy for oneself?  In relation to my world and the way I live; and more specifically, the way I train at the gym, I only have one answer.  Yes it does.

Let me put it into perspective.  I have no problem with someone lifting heavier weights than me or running double the distance I can run.  That is great for them, sincerely.  They probably have been working much longer (or harder) at their goals than me or their goals are simply different to mine  However, when I find someone at a similar capability to myself and we are working out on the same things, I want to beat them.  I don’t think about being competitive, it literally just runs through my brain, like second nature.  I must be better, faster or lift heavier than them, otherwise I am a complete disappointment to myself.  Even while I type this, that sounds like the biggest load of bullshit and so cocky, that I even am surprised at myself. So my issue is, I try compete against others, when we can all see, my only competition should be against myself.  I don’t know where they have come from, what has inspired them to work out or why they continue to do what they’re doing.  I definitely don’t judge them or their skills, but I just want to be better.  Better than what? I don’t know their story so what do I have to compare?

These thoughts were triggered by something that came up this morning in the boot camp session I attended.  It took me longer to complete the workouts than everyone else.  Not only did I not take into account our weights are different, our strengths and weaknesses are different but our bodies are also completely different.  Just because it takes longer, doesn’t mean I’m doing something wrong. I can’t do push ups from my hands due to a wrist problem (can’t bend one wrist to 90 degrees with pressure) so I have to do everything from my knuckles.  That is just harder in itself.  With my dodgy hip flexor, I can’t squat as deep or quick and I certainly can’t do the same sit ups or core movements.

It is literally my brain playing tricks on me and I let it get to me.  It does affect my training.  I need to retrain my brain into thinking about my only real competition at the gym and in my training; myself.

Stop worrying about what others are doing and focus on what you are doing and how you can make the “today” you, into a better “tomorrow” you.

La Love,
C. xx



Dream Team Challenge – Day 8

.. and I’ve already had to play catch up…

Let’s pretend we are on Day 8..

Today our challenge was visualize what we wanted to achieve in this challenge and beyond.  If you don’t have dreams and aspirations, you will struggle to move forward in life.  It’s that simple. Everyone has dreams.  Whether it’s to have the perfect job, perfect husband or perfect abs.

Today it was all about the abs for me. The rest of my body is shaping up real nice! (Even if I do say so myself)  I want them and I know how to achieve them.  However, I currently am not committed enough in my eating to get them.  It’s as simple as that.  Abs are made in the kitchen and my kitchen ain’t making abs at the moment.

I’ve got to get my brain into some serious “game face” mode and think about food as fuel for my body and not just something for me to indulge in.  I love food as much as the next person; I’m just not nourishing my body with the right food in order to achieve my goal.  I’m working my ass off (literally!) and then I come home and destroy it by eating the wrong foods.

There aren’t no maybes, because maybes always mean no.  There is no “I’ll try” because that’s indecisive and not committed.  There is only “YES” and “I WILL”.

C. xx


Pre 30 Day Challenge Post.

Tomorrow brings around a 30 Day Spring challenge I will be completing with Jade Lee Mind Body Transformations.

Let’s back track a couple of steps.  I’m posting again.  For how long? Who knows… Hopefully this full 30 day challenge to start with.  I always say it… I miss posting and writing and I miss leaving all my worries on this virtual diary. I miss you guys. Life just gets in the way and sometimes it takes a while for you to find your way back.


30 Day Fitness & Health Challenge

I’m only 1 week off finishing my 16 week challenge and that has been a struggle over the last 6 weeks.  I’ve had a number of things go on and I’m almost off the wagon but I’m much more in front that behind, which is a positive.  Tomorrow will help jump start me for the next 16 week challenge.

Why am I posting a pre-challenge post? Jade was asking all the participants in the challenge tonight, what are our goals and what are we putting in place right now that will help achieve our first 7 day goal?

My goals for this 30 days are:
Build more lean muscle in my upper body and maintain my lower body
Execute 5 unassisted pullups
Execute 20 knuckle/toe pushups in a row

What am I doing to make sure I achieve my first 7 day goal? What is my first mini goal? Do I have a 7 day goal? Not yet but I have until tomorrow to work it out.  I have the long term ones worked out. To make sure I’m on track for all my goals is get my nutrition right.  No deviating off the meal plan. Stick to the meal plan! REPEAT; stick to the meal plan! That is going to be my struggle but I will do it.  It’s only 30 days.  That can be my 7 day goal.  The last thing I am going to do is make myself accountable by posting on here with my daily task that Jade has assigned for the day and what I ate all day.  I don’t want to let myself down but I think I get more disappointed when I let others down.

Tomorrow is my fitness test and weigh/measure/photos.  Those will be a little scary but numbers are just numbers.  They don’t always take into account muscle or beauty or strength.

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La Love,

candice baxk