Post-Workout Post!

Hey Friends!
How are you?
What have you been doing?
Where is all the fun at?

Following my weekly post workout video on Instagram (@candicelancaster – go follow me!), tonight I had my weekly PT session with Jade and like all the others, it was full on and tough going.

We have been focusing majorly on my upper body; back, arms, shoulders and chest. Being a footballer player, all the strength I have comes from my legs and I had weedy little chicken arms.  Ladies and gents, let me tell you, that has changed.

We have been raising the bar (Literally! See what I did there?) in my training and it’s paying off ten fold.

Tonight’s workout was no different.  Here is it.  (Disclaimer: I did not take notice of what each weight said so I’ll just be posting the exercises and sets we did of each.  Jade remembers what I’ve used in the past and knows my limits and where to push them or let them lie as they are.  All my sets have 1 minute rest between them and we are looking at a suitable weight where my muscles do fatigue by the end of each set.)

10 minute walk – wasn’t feeling the run today so just did a reasonable paced walk

Assisted pullups – narrow under grip – 4 sets @ 8-12 reps each
1 jogging lap around the gym as a rest
Assisted pullups – wide over grip – 4 sets @ 8-12 reps each

Lat pull down – narrow under grip – 4 sets @ 8-12 reps each

DB bent over row  – 4 sets @ 8-12 reps each
1 minute skipping – 4 sets

Bicep curl machine – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps each

Hammer to bicep curls – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps
BB bicep curl – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps

Seated BB shoulder press – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps
Seated DB side raises – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps

At this point, I told Jade that I was about to throw up and I’m done. Finito. Finished. #Seeyoubye! I then stretched and has my post workout shake as both of those are vital to my recovery.

I’m wrecked.  I can feel it in my lats, back and shoulders already.  Tomorrow morning is not going to be fun when I have to wash my hair in the shower. I’ve really enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy, I’m sure) my new program and training routine. I’m almost 30 days into it and when I hit that 30 days, it has already been hinted that we will be kicking it up another notch. I CANNOT WAIT! 😀

Look out #wineglassarms and #rippedabs.

La Love,
C. xx


Standard #TeamJKBT Workout

Today I smashed out an upper body workout with JK Body Transformations.

We have been working on a lot of upper body workouts in my PT sessions at the moment because I haven’t been able to train too leg dominated due to my hip injury.

Today’s workout went something like this.

WARM UP – Self Guided
(Due to my hip, I am taking it easy with runnning still and this is why my speed and time is not too fast/long)

5 min walk @ 5.0kmh
4.5 min run @ 8.5kmh
30 sec walk @ 5.5kmh
4.5 min run @ 8.5kmh
30 sec walk @ 5.5kmh

Glute activation lunges – 1 set x 10 reps each leg
Glute activation all 4’s leg raise – 1 set x 10 reps each leg
Jumping switch lunge – 10 reps
Glute activation all 4’s leg raise – 1 set x 10 reps each leg
Jumping switch lunge – 10 reps


Small Circuit
TRX Single arm row – 3 sets x 10 reps each arm
TRX Round the worlds – 3 sets x 10 reps each direction
Laying seated face down glute/leg raises – 3 sets x 10 reps

Paired Exercise
Tricep dips using assisted machine – 3 sets x 10 reps @ 100lbs
Overhead press using smith machine – 3 sets x 10 reps @ 1 set x 20kg (bar only), 2 sets x 29kg (4.5kg plates)

Paired Exercise
DB Double front raise – 2 sets x 12 reps @ 3kg
DB Single front raise – 2 sets x 12 reps @ 3kg

Small Circuit
DB Double front raise – 2 sets x 12 reps @ 3kg
DB Single front raise – 2 sets x 12 reps @ 3kg
DB Romboid fly – 2 sets x 12 reps @ 3kg
Face Pull – 2 sets x 12 reps @60lbs

Small Circuit
Wide grip pull down (overgrip) – 3 sets x 12 reps @ 40lbs
Narrow grip pull down (undergrip) – 3 sets x 8 reps @ 70lbs
Straight arm pull down (overgrip) – 3 sets x 10 reps @ 60lbs


Foam Roller – Glutes, hamstrings, quads, ITB
Stretch – Glutes, hamstrings, chest, arms, shoulders


Fair to say that I was completed exhausted after this and hopefully my muscles are not too sore in the couple of days post workout.

I LOVE training with Jade and I’m pretty sure she LOVES smashing me.  We have this love/love partnership.  There is no hate.  I’m there to workout and she is there to push me and help me achieve the results I want.  Those results include #wineglassarms! These are arms where your bicep is nice and defined and can be noticed when holding a nice chilled glass of wine at functions. 😛 She gives me an exercise and I just do it.  I don’t argue and say I can’t do that.  I just try.  If she says, how’s that weight?  I tell her the truth.  If I think I can lift more, I say so.  If I think its the right weight in order to keep my form, then I say so.  I’m not there to lift prove anything or out lift another person.  I’m there to lift to improve myself.

My back and upper body have come a long way in the last few months.  Upper body strength is not something I have had or needed, being a football player.  Leg strength and stamina is all I needed.  I’m pretty happy with how I am tracking along.  One of many goals this year is to achieve 5 non-assisted pull ups. I’ve still got 8 months to work on it, so it will be achieved.

We will be working on a lot more upper body and I have been reintroducing legs now, after a lot of physio done on my glutes to make those stronger and my workouts less hip flexor dependent.

Now being signed up as a full fledged member of Stryve Gym, I am looking forward to exploring more of their equipment and smashing out more workouts. I’ve also been posting a few postworkout videos on Instagram so make sure you follow me on there as well, @candicelancaster.


La Love,
C. xx


Writer’s & Gym Block.

I’ve literally tried to write multiple posts over the last couple of weeks.  I always get so excited about them but then I get distracted and never go back to them.  Even when I have a moment to go back and write them, the information I wanted to write about no longer seems relevant because it’s days or maybe weeks old.

I wanted to blog about all the awesome workouts I’ve been doing, until I injured myself at last Thursday’s session.  At the time, I had no idea I would be in the pain I was on the following day.  I was actually feeling pretty AWESOME Thursday evening.

My PT workout wasn’t complicated but it certainly made me hella tired.

1000m row – 10 pushups
900m row – 9 pushes
…. and so on until ….
100m row – 1 pushup

then did 12 reps x 3 sets of
lat pull downs
ezy bar bicep curls

That was it. Doesn’t seem like much until I saw 5.5km row and 55 pushes.  That makes it sound worse.


Anyway, I woke up on Friday and I was in a whole lot of trouble.  I could hardly walk… at all.  I still needed to get to work which included getting ready and driving my car.  In hind sight, I should have used my crutches.  That would have assisted the walking, but not the sitting down and getting back up.

After working at a standing bench for most of the morning, I took some anti-inflams which helped A LOT.  I also rang my myotherapist, in which I have an appointment to see tomorrow.  The pain is on the same side as my dodgy hip flexor (caused my my ACL reco we think).  It was also in parts of my groin/adductor muscles.  All I can think of is the pain I am going to be in tomorrow with the myo digging in around there, seeing what is going on.  NO FUN! BIG HURTIES! I tell you that.

I didn’t train all weekend and I didn’t train tonight.  Ever since my course finished, I hate missing Monday training.  I always think the week is better if I can get to the gym on a Monday.  Let’s hope everything is okay tomorrow and I can get to the gym in the afternoon.  There might even be a change that I can make it to footy training tomorrow.  That would be a stress release.

My sessions at the new gym are going great.  I am getting more confident there and my eating has been so much better.  In the last 4-6 weeks, I’ve lost 3kg and 10.5cm.  I don’t have mountains to move but I am feeling better in myself.  My work pants were even a little baggy in the legs today which made me do a little inside happy dance.  The last time I put them on they still fitted but I was uncomfortable in them.

It would seem my writer’s block on this post has faded and that maybe I can keep writing.  However, I need to sleep and you good people need to as well.  Unless you are on the other side of the world, then you just go on with your day . 🙂

La Love,
C. x




Emotions and Updates.

It’s Monday morning.  I am supposed to be refreshed and rested from the weekend, ready to tackle the next 5 days. Nope that’s not happening.  I’m still exhausted and the weekend didn’t help to relieve that all all.

I tried to study.  I really did.  However, exhaustion just gets in the way and my time is spent just staring at my laptop screen rather than doing any productive work.   School is on mid-semester break this week which means I don’t have to go there tonight or Wednesday.  I do still have to go to work but at least I can come home earlier and maybe even go to sleep earlier.

There are exactly 60 days until I need to submit my assignment.  That means there are 68 days until I pitch my idea to the judging panel.  I’m still slugging along at all the briefs and any mini assignments and quizzes that come along.  My average is still sitting above 90 which is good.  I plan to keep it there.  I just need to take it a step at a time and not get too caught up in how much work I have left to do.  I just need to focus on getting one thing done, then moving on to the next item.

All I can imagine is seeing my event being staged here.  The idea is amazing.  I just need to execute the pitch perfect.


Enough about study.  It’s getting there. I’m just thinking of all the free time I am going to have when it’s done.

Let’s chat about the update that I was supposed to give you a week ago but just haven’t had the time to get on here for a good half an hour to tell you.

My weekly boxing class finished up last Tuesday and will not be available next term.  To tell you the truth, I’m pretty disappointed or pissed off.  Whatever way you want to look at it.  It was one of the main reasons I was still making it to the gym.  I thoroughly enjoy belting the crap out of the pads each week and relieving some stress from the week before.  Now it’s not available, I’ve had to rethink the structure of my week and finances and whether it’s really worth paying for something that I am not going to use to it’s full potential.

I cancelled my membership at the gym. Yep.  Sometimes it’s just not worth it.  At the moment, between work and study, I’m making it to the gym an average of once a week.  That’s almost $18 a session and I could find a better use for the fee.  I have until the end of October (and another fee payment) to keep going due to the notice period in the contract.

That brings me to my second update.  I’m going to start doing PT with Jade, my trainer at the gym. She runs her own business.  You can find it here and here.  I’m super excited about it.  We will be training at the gym she trains at, Stryve Gym: Ultimate Training Centre.  I went for a little look-see on Friday night with #boyfie and I definitely wasn’t prepared for what I saw.  Now, I’m terrified.  I know it’s going to be a better option for me but that doesn’t stop me from overthinking the situation. PT will be on Thursday evenings.  When my course is over, I will have a look at joining Stryve

Another session we have going at the moment is our kickboxing bootcamp on Sunday’s.  It was a normal bootcamp session which all kinds of things thrown in but since boxing has been removed from Tuesday evenings, Jade decided to change the session and keep it just boxing/kickboxing.  I love it.  I have bruised some tendons in my left hand knuckles (from punching too hard of course *wink face*) so I’ve been taking it a little easy.  I need to ice it some more today as I thought it was fine coming into yesterday’s session, but surprise surprise, it wasn’t and I need to try out some lighter gloves.

I have one other update in which I need to tell you guys.  Last Thursday, I kicked and trained with a football.  It was one of the most satisfying training sessions I’ve ever experienced.  It wasn’t anything special.  We just passed the ball around in a circle, had some shots on goal and played a miniature game.  I felt the freedom of the field flow back into my body.  I felt the crunch of the grass under my studs.  It sounds a little strange, but for a footballer (or maybe just my weird self) there is nothing more important at that time, except you, the ball and the field. I was and am so proud of myself for pushing through the recovery of my knee reconstruction.  Day 595 and football is back in my blood baby! 🙂 YEW! Maybe I’ll be able to don the green kit again for Rangers, just like this. ❤


That’s about all I have for now.  My PT session is on Thursday evening, so hopefully I can give you an update after that and let you know that I didn’t collapse and I’m okay.