I’m Home.


I have missed blogging.  I don’t do it for the followers or the likes; (although I do love all the nice comments and likes I get from you guys so please don’t stop!) I do it for the relief and the relaxed feeling I get when I get everything off my chest.  It is a safe place for me even though billions of people in the world wide web have access to it.  I know some of my closest friends and my mum read it which I appreciate.  Sometimes it’s really hard to speak about things and so much easier to write them down as you are feeling them.

I always thought I would eventually just post about one thing and recreate my blog as a single topic, whether that be photography, sports, fitness or whatever I liked.  However, with the last 12 months being so hectic and me being so absent, it has sat here neglected, with no new life.  I still don’t have a single topic and I am not sure I ever will. I do like just posting random things that are going on in my life but I also like the idea of having a single topic to talk about. In saying that, any blogging is good blogging.

As I have said previously, last  year, 2015, was absolutely hectic.  I was studying an Event Management Diploma, working a full time job and trying to fit in some kind of social and fitness life.  Towards the end of the year, I stopped going out, I stopped going to the gym and I even took 2 weeks (days here and there) off from work just to get my study done. It was hard.  Harder that I ever imagined it would be.  At the beginning, I was acing all my assignments and my quizzes with plenty of time to spare.  At the end, I was just submitting them in the middle of the night or finishing my quizzes at work because I ran out of time.  Luckily (or due to no sleep and lots of study) my average for marks stayed above 90% for my entire diploma. What’s that? A distinction or High Distinction? With everything that happened last year, I am proud to say that it one hell of an achievement.  It was my goal to be the best I could be and I certainly did myself proud, as well as my parents and all my friends and work colleagues that supported my through the year.


My project ended by looking exactly how I wanted it to.  Everything was perfect.  I did not get to proof read it as well as I would have liked but there is nothing I can do about that now.  Hey, remember those jerseys I designed for my project that my teams where going to wear?  Well yeah, I ended up getting them printed up.  How amazing do they look?  I wore one of the to my major project pitch and I know it definitely helped my presentation.  My panel loved them and I felt so comfortable in them, being in my natural football environment.


I am still awaiting my final results for my major project and my pitch.  They should arrive in the next week or two.  In an age where everything needs to be urgent and emails ping our inboxes quicker than ever before, my college is still posting out our official results by snail mail.  I cannot remember the last time that I received something in the mail that wasn’t a bill, a bank statement or junk mail.  I just wish they would hurry up.

I had my graduation on the 15th December 2015, so I know I passed. YAY! I got to make a speech to the entire audience on behalf of my class.  That was a little daunting but I did have one of my classmates with me so that made me feel a little less nervous.  I also had the honour of winning 2 awards.

Most Engaging Major Project Pitch – Industry Standard Pitch College Award – Demonstrating Leadership, Integrity and College Spirit

I had absolutely no idea I was going to receive these and I feel very humble that my fellow students and lecturers believed in me enough to award these to me.



I’ve always said that I felt like I was missing out without a shiny piece of paper saying that I had achieved something post school era.  A lot of my friends and #boyfie have degrees and I’ve always felt a little left out.  Now that I have my own shiny piece of post school achievement, I feel like I belong in the world and that I have closed in the tiny hole that always sat inside me for not continuing with my study.

That means I am officially qualified to run any event.. or help out on it. I know that technically you don’t need a piece of paper to do that, but now studying and seeing this field of work, it definitely helps.  Every event I go to now, without knowing, I critique everything that is there.  The lighting, the sound, the food, all the way down to the decor and candles people have decided to use.  It is annoying but it’s also great that I can use my knowledge to help people or remember what looks good or bad for any event that I help out on.

People have been asking me what I am going to do now… Am I going to venture out into the events world and leave my day job or stay where I am and not use the knowledge I now have?  I’d like to say both.  I definitely want to stay in loop and work within the industry but I also know that I have a great job and I don’t want to loose that either.  I will be doing my best to juggle them both until I cannot do it any longer.  Sporting events is where I want to be and it always has been.  Whether I am just attending them or help running them, I will always love them.  The FIFA World Cup is my dream and I will get there, one way or another.  As a spectator or an official helper, I am not sure yet but it is my number one goal (apart from seeing Liverpool play at Anfield).  I will get there.  (Side note: If anyone knows how I can get into a gig like this, please email me or use the contact page!)

I’ve missed you guys and I’ve missed feeling like myself. Welcome back guys and welcome back normal life.  It is good to be back.

La Love,
C. xx



Another New Year… New Plan

There are so many things that I have wanted to post about yet I haven’t posted a single one?

Why is that? I’ve been off work since 23rd December and it’s now 3rd January. 10 days should be plenty of time.

I’ve had Christmas and New Years in between then and a whole lot of other activities going on which have taken up some time. Now, I have to go back to work tomorrow for another year but I do not want to spend another year away from my blog, away from the gym and away from you guys.

What is the plan for the year? I’m not 100% sure. Last year I made some pretty big goals and I didn’t achieve any of them because I was studying. (I’ll will also try get around to updating everyone on that as well) This year I just want to be a stronger and fitter person, blog regularly and follow my new dreams of running events.

I’ve eaten way too much bad food in this break and my body is suffering. Time to fuel it with nutritious foods and exercise to get it back to normal. Today I plan on buying a new pantry full of clean foods, cooking up a storm and catching up on sleep so I’m ready for the work week and an early wake up time.

Catch up soon fellow bloggers. I’ve missed everyone.

La love,
C. xx


The World Game.

I think this is becoming a thing. Posting while I’m half asleep and in bed but it’s working for me so I’ll keep going.


Everyone knows (or should know) how much this game means to me.  An ACL reconstruction saw the end to my playing career (for now) but it hasn’t held me back from loving the game.


Now that I am not playing, I almost feel like a part of me is missing.  I still watch it on TV (when I haven’t fallen asleep on the couch.  Sorry #boyfie!) and the #boyfie and I had a road trip with some friends to Adelaide to see Liverpool play.  This still doesn’t fill that small cavity in my heart that has been left by not partaking some way in the sport.


In this second semester of college, we have to dream up and create an event.  All fantasy of course because we don’t have infinite amounts of money, but we do need to plan it as if it were real. It’s not physical activity but I’ve decided to follow my passion and create a football event.  Hey, not super original in the concept but my content is there.  Not going to give away any spoilers just now but I want to make this event perfect.

I feel like this is the missing piece of the puzzle.  I live and crave football.  This way, I can think about football 24/7 and have a legitimate reason. Umm, yay!

I might post up some sneak peaks but in the mean time, it’s time for some shut eye.

La Love,
C. x


Turning Humans Into Heroes

Here I am, 6.47am this morning, already at work, willingly here, 2 hours earlier than my official start time. (Or I was when I started to write this post.  It’s been a couple of days in between finishing but lets’s pretend I am still at work at an ungodly hour. 😛 )

Have I gone cray cray?

Today is our last day before my 2 week break period for Christmas and New Years.  I am in need of a coffee, which is becoming more of an occurrence these days for a non-coffee drinker. What have I been up to since the last time I checked in properly?  (Apart from the impulsive actions of cutting off my hair, dying it purple, then growing it out again and re-dying it blonde).

Work, Gym, Sleep, Repeat.  Wait, isn’t there a song about that? 😉 Just kidding.

Work.  What a crazy time of year.  Trying to close off everything we have and get our numbers correct so the powers to be are happy.  Not an easy task, let’s say that.  The last few month’s I have been super busy organizing all kinds of events including our Christmas Party and Charity Fundraisers.  Let’s have a peek at one, shall we?

First up, back in October, was a charity day for 2 employees, who have been dealt a really difficult hand.  Bob and Matt, both work for Ricoh, and the wife and daughter (or mum and sister) have been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease.  What’s that you say? Huntington’s disease (HD) is a genetic neurodegenerative disease that results in brain cell death.  You can find more about this terrible disease here. When I first met Bob and Matt at Ricoh, I wasn’t even sure if they were family.  I knew they had the same surname but so do millions of people in the world.  However, after meeting them, they are some seriously lovely people. Once I heard Bob and Matt’s story for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for them.  Not only did they have to endure their wife/mum go through this disease, but to have their daughter/sister just be recently diagnosed, the pain would hit twice as hard.

Bob’s boss proposed an idea to me, about a day, where we could raise some much needed funds for Huntington’s Disease sufferers and get some awareness out into the public, as this disease isn’t as commonly known as other life threatening conditions.  This is where we created, SUPERHERO DAY.

For 5 weeks, I worked on creating this event.  Planning absolutely everything.  Marketing material, sponsorship’s, collection tins, catering, activities.  Everything went through me.  Originally, our little idea was going to be a Melbourne activity to raise a little amount of dollars and some awareness.  However, I wanted it to be BIGGER.  BETTER. STRONGER.  Like a real SUPERHERO.

I, with help from Tom, (Bob’s boss) put together a small campaign to our head office in Sydney to see if we could take this national.  We have around 160 people in our Melbourne office but Ricoh nationally, have around 1000 employees.  Could I really get that many people to participate in this event?  I didn’t know for sure, but I was going to try.

After some discussions, our proposal was accepted and our event would go live, nationally on October 17th 2014.  NATIONAL.  N.A.T.I.O.N.A.L. I literally could not believe it.  Our little idea had expanded.  As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, our team in head office, gracefully donated some cash to create a video blog, that would help us to explain Bob and Matt’s story. The team at Visual Domain came in and shot an incredible take. Have a look at the story here. It does go for a little while but it is absolutely worth every second. You may need some tissues.

Are you okay so far?  Good.  Let’s continue.

I am in no way a graphics designer, but here is the collateral I created for the event.

Pretty proud of the work I created.

Ricoh Superhero Day Poster copy
A3 Promotion Poster
Another Superhero File copy
Collection Tin Covering
Ricoh Superhero Day Flyer
A5 Promotion Flyer – Front
Ricoh Superhero Day Flyer(2)
A5 Promotion Flyer – Back

I printed over 1000 A5 information flyers and distributed them nation wide.  The poster file was sent and staff asked to print as many as they required and stick them up around their offices.  I made small collection tins, which I didn’t take a photo of but distributed 14 of them across the country.  The day was coming to life and I couldn’t be more proud.

I thought we would have a handful of participants in the branch who would actually dress up as a hero however I was totally shell shocked. Almost our entire sales and admin teams made the effort to dress up. The day started off a bigger success than I had already thought and it only got better.

We have 5 levels in our office building.  Every level had been notified that we were holding an activity and the did not disappoint in showing their support.  They ploughed through our bake sale before our staff even got there.  HOW MAGNIFICENT!  We ended up selling out of cakes and barbecue items.  I bought over 160 sausages and 80 burgers and *POOF*.  All gone.

Before I announce the official total we raised, here are some snaps from the day.

super4 super3 super2 super1

So the final total.

Are you sure you’re ready?


What an effort by all those involved.  We could not have asked for a better result from this fundraiser. I had been secretly hoping we would raise around $5K for Bob, Matt and Huntnigton’s Vic but to more than double that, I was totally blown away. I still get a little choked up thinking about it.  Thinking that all my hard work and effort helped dozen (maybe hundreds) of other families.

I am hoping to use this experience within my career at Ricoh.  I have applied for a coupe of Event’s Management courses and I am just waiting to hear back from them.  Fingers crossed one comes across the line.

I am hoping to be around a little more next year so keep an eye out.

La Love,
C. x