Black Milk March – Entry Twenty Six

Almost at the end of the month and I have 5 more wish list pieces to show you. There are more than 5 more on my list but I know I can’t afford that many at the moment.

Today’s piece is one that comes in 2 varieties. I already have one.

Aurora Skye Leggings

Image from Black Milk Clothing
Image from Black Milk Clothing

These are the original blue/green version opposed to the neon pink/purple ones I already have. Personally, even though I love the pink ones, I think the blue ones will suit me better and sometimes I kind of wish I had bought them instead but nevermind. These are a very staple piece at Black Milk and I don’t think they will be going limited any time soon.

C. x

P.s. As much as I am loving sharing all these wonderful pieces with you, I think next month, my daily challenge will go back to being more focused on my own life and the things that happen in it. I am not getting the kind of coverage I was hoping for so I’ll go back to doing what I do best; that is talking about myself. 😉

Black Milk March – Entry Twenty Four

The piece I am about to show you is that had been copied by hundreds of enemy legging companies. Of course, their quality isn’t as good and they aren’t made in Australia so naturally, I am going to buy the ones that won’t fall apart after a few wears and are made here in Australia, by Australians for Australians.

Galaxy Leggings

Rainbow Galaxies to be specific.

Image from Black Milk Clothing
Image from Black Milk Clothing

They aren’t very original in the marketplace now but I know the quality of them will be amazing compared to others here, so I am holding out!!


P.s. Got a small announcement about football! Hopefully I’ll get it done tomorrow.