Dream Team Challenge – Day 6

We are almost at a week of this 30 Day Challenge! Only 3 more weeks to go after tomorrow.

I am absolutely knackered from my PT session with Jade. I feel like I pushed hard and I got 3 PB’s which I’m happy about. I don’t have the brain capacity for a long post because I’m almost falling asleep typing this one.

Straight on to today’s daily task. It is to reflect on the week and to back and answer any questions people may have missed. Haven’t I been a good girl? Answering all the questions when I was supposed to. However, what do I have to reflect on? I’ve smashed a few PB’s this week. I have a loving family and friends who I adore. My work is giving me life experience and I’ve eaten relatively clean.

I also have the fact that I put up barriers to stop myself succeeding. Isn’t this ridiculous? I know it is and it’s something I need to change asap. I don’t mention it all the time because I have been able to knock them down a few times but not enough to make a habit. That’s a new challenge for me and in the next 30 days, I will have more success than I have barriers.

Time for bed and bring on tomorrow, day 7.

C. xx


Dream Team Challenge – Day 3

Today is my second day of a two day cleanse.  Sometimes, the first day is easier, sometimes the second day is easier.  This time, the second day has been easier, until around dinner time when I became moody because I’m almost over the line but #boyfie’s dinner smelt amazing.

I didn’t give in. I stayed true to my proper servings of protein bites and I’m about to drink a herbal tea before going to bed. I’ve had a pretty epic day of shopping and that has made me tired and grumpy because it took so long to find what I wanted – being the type of person who doesn’t give up, I found what I wanted which now I am happy.

Today’s daily task was another thinking/pondering my inner self.

The Question: What do you do for you every day that you love?

I honestly couldn’t answer the question because I don’t have an answer.  I cannot think of something that I do every day that is just for myself, that I love.  Sure I do things that I love every day, but they aren’t specifically dedicated to me and my own happiness.

The goal by the end of this 30 days is to have something that I can look forward to every day that is just for me.  Whether that is training at the gym every day or taking 5 minutes to relax with meditation, I will have something.

Sometimes it only takes one person to ask you “What do you love?” to realise that you need to be honest with yourself and say “Is what I am currently doing in life making me the happiest I could be?”… Better still, if it isn’t making you ecstatic, what can you do to get there? Those are the big questions…

Leave a comment with something you love to do every day, just for yourself.



Dream Team Challenge – Day 1

Today, we as a team, #teamjlmbt or #jadesdreamteam started our 30 day challenge.  It’s not just about fitness or just about eating healthy, it’s abour a full body transformation and cleanse.

To keep me accountable, I did say I would post up what I ate.. The good with the bad..

Breakfast – Pro-Oats (oats, milk, water, protein powder)
Mid morning snack – Cashew caramel protein bar
Lunch – Rye sandwich with chicken, avocado, lettuce and beetroot
Afternoon snack – 2 pieces 70% dark chocolate, chocolate protein shake and 1/2 mug of coffee
Before gym – Pre-work Power and Eshot
Post-workout – Post-work Recover and 1 scoop protein powder
Dinner – Steak and salad with orange & balsamic dressing
After dinner – Lemon Chobani yoghurt

That seems like a lot of food however, I am actually still hungry.  I absolutely demolished my workout tonight.  I was feeling alright going into it besides the ongoing headache.  It did take me a while to get into the right mindset during my fitness test but I got there.

Today’s daily task for the dream team was to go for a run and post a selfie photo and/or your time.  There was a great response from those dedicated to the 30 day challenge.  There was no set limits on how long you had to run for or how far you travelled – criteria just said run. In my fitness test tonight I had a 1km run as quickly as I could manage. My previous effort was 5.13 which isn’t too shabby for me.  I’ve been training pretty hard this last month so I definitely knew I could beat that time.  I did come in at 4.46 this time round.  Couldn’t be more happy to cut almost half a minute off my time.  Sub 4.30 is looking great for the end of 30 days.

After the fitness test, I had a Chest, Triceps & Shoulders PT session with Jade. Got some pretty decent PB’s.  Bench pressed with 15kg dumbbells for multiple sets  which I was really happy about.

I am absolutely knackered now and I’m almost falling asleep typing this.  Tomorrow brings another day, another task, another challenge and more opportunities to get better.

C. xx

Pre 30 Day Challenge Post.

Tomorrow brings around a 30 Day Spring challenge I will be completing with Jade Lee Mind Body Transformations.

Let’s back track a couple of steps.  I’m posting again.  For how long? Who knows… Hopefully this full 30 day challenge to start with.  I always say it… I miss posting and writing and I miss leaving all my worries on this virtual diary. I miss you guys. Life just gets in the way and sometimes it takes a while for you to find your way back.


30 Day Fitness & Health Challenge

I’m only 1 week off finishing my 16 week challenge and that has been a struggle over the last 6 weeks.  I’ve had a number of things go on and I’m almost off the wagon but I’m much more in front that behind, which is a positive.  Tomorrow will help jump start me for the next 16 week challenge.

Why am I posting a pre-challenge post? Jade was asking all the participants in the challenge tonight, what are our goals and what are we putting in place right now that will help achieve our first 7 day goal?

My goals for this 30 days are:
Build more lean muscle in my upper body and maintain my lower body
Execute 5 unassisted pullups
Execute 20 knuckle/toe pushups in a row

What am I doing to make sure I achieve my first 7 day goal? What is my first mini goal? Do I have a 7 day goal? Not yet but I have until tomorrow to work it out.  I have the long term ones worked out. To make sure I’m on track for all my goals is get my nutrition right.  No deviating off the meal plan. Stick to the meal plan! REPEAT; stick to the meal plan! That is going to be my struggle but I will do it.  It’s only 30 days.  That can be my 7 day goal.  The last thing I am going to do is make myself accountable by posting on here with my daily task that Jade has assigned for the day and what I ate all day.  I don’t want to let myself down but I think I get more disappointed when I let others down.

Tomorrow is my fitness test and weigh/measure/photos.  Those will be a little scary but numbers are just numbers.  They don’t always take into account muscle or beauty or strength.

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La Love,

candice baxk