Another New Year… New Plan

There are so many things that I have wanted to post about yet I haven’t posted a single one?

Why is that? I’ve been off work since 23rd December and it’s now 3rd January. 10 days should be plenty of time.

I’ve had Christmas and New Years in between then and a whole lot of other activities going on which have taken up some time. Now, I have to go back to work tomorrow for another year but I do not want to spend another year away from my blog, away from the gym and away from you guys.

What is the plan for the year? I’m not 100% sure. Last year I made some pretty big goals and I didn’t achieve any of them because I was studying. (I’ll will also try get around to updating everyone on that as well) This year I just want to be a stronger and fitter person, blog regularly and follow my new dreams of running events.

I’ve eaten way too much bad food in this break and my body is suffering. Time to fuel it with nutritious foods and exercise to get it back to normal. Today I plan on buying a new pantry full of clean foods, cooking up a storm and catching up on sleep so I’m ready for the work week and an early wake up time.

Catch up soon fellow bloggers. I’ve missed everyone.

La love,
C. xx


The Weekend Approaches.



I will be going home and making my way to the gym to smash some sort of body part.  I haven’t been to the gym properly in around a month. This is due to the stress of school and having this awful headache.  I did go last night even thought I should have been studying but I felt pretty good afterwards.  There are 123 days remaining until my college graduation and I need to shed some fat and add some tone into my body.  All this stress of school and work had caused me to dive head first off the healthy eating wagon.  I can only blame myself for that and no one else.

I can assess my goals for this year and to date, have achieved none of them.  That doesn’t mean I can’t finish the year off strong.  I still have around 140 days to be fit and strong.  I knew the year was going to be stressful with school, but I seriously underestimated the level of work.  My trainer and I are going to assess my body composition scan on Tuesday and see where I need to work on.

We received brief 4 on Wednesday. *super stressed face* I am only just working on brief 3 now.  I am going to have this whole weekend with my head in my laptop, pushing out information and creativity. Brief 3 is on design and brief 4 is on budgeting. Luckily, we don’t need factual figures for items.  We can just list line items.

I need to create some mood boards which I’ve started pinning images to Pinterest.  We also need to identify 5 key design elements for the event we are doing. With the help of my class mates, I think I have the 5 I need but as I pin things up, I will assess them again.

We viewed a Major Project on Wednesday night that is actually now coming to life.  I want that to happen to my event.  It might be a little more extravagant than this now real event but I can see this coming to life.

I am going to keep posting over the weekend to let you know where I am up to and what progress I have made.  At the very least, it will show myself how much I have done and how much I have left.

Happy Weekend Everyone.

La Love,
C. x




I just want to throw in a disclaimer here for all those that have said to me, “Are you really okay?  I read your blog.”

I am happy.  I’ve got a supportive family, great boyfriend, awesome friends and my work colleagues are also pretty good.  My gym trainer and my best friend (even thought she’s in a completely different part of the state!) all still check up on me to make sure I’m travelling okay.

I am good.  I just expect the absolute world from myself and know that if I don’t complete something to the highest standard I can, I will regret it.  This is why I am stressed.  I just want to make myself the best person I can be.

I’m blown away on all the feedback I’m getting from my blog and the support that’s coming from it.  Blogging actually helps me manage all my thoughts and stresses and gets them out of my head and on to this virtual diary.  I love blogging.  Any blogging is better than no blogging for me.

I’m had another treatment on my neck/back/shoulders and I am feeling alright this morning.  I’ve had a coffee and I’m about to smash through some work so I can relax a little this afternoon and do some of my homework at lunchtime.

We will get through this together, blogging family.  1 post and 1 assignment at a time.

La Love,
C. x