Brigade of Buckets

Bucket Brigade – A method for transporting items where items are passed from one stationary person to the next

I, however, thought the term was more suited to my endeavours of life and conquering a “bucket list” per se with each “bucket” being an item on my list 🙂  Once each item is completed, it’s like passing it off to another person, so they may complete the same endeavour if they wish.

It’s a never ending list but life is all about challenging the person you are and conquering your fears.

1. Meet Harry Kewell September 2011
2. Go to Anfield July 2012
3. See an EPL game at Anfield
4. Go to Scotland esp. Dundee July 2012
5. See an aurora
6. Own a pair of designer heels July 2012
7. See a space shuttle take off
8. See Tikal
9. Go on a war ship July 2012
10. See a rodeo in Texas
11. Go in a hot air balloon
12. Go to Harrods July 2012
13. Visit California
14. Photograph the Golden Gate Bridge
15. Try snails June 2012
16. Skydive
17. Visit the Grand Canyon
18. Try butterbeer July 2012
19. Own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s
20. See Machu Picchu
21. Ride in a gondala in Venice June 2012
22. Try frogs legs June 2012
23. Visit Petra, Jordan
24. Visit an observatory
25. Pay off my car loan  September 2015
26. Try Haggis
27. Go on a safari
28. Take a photography class
29. Kiss in the rain
30. Make the perfect lasagna
31. Ride a camel
32. Start my own blog September 2012
33. Go to Las Vegas
34. Stay in a penthouse
35. Climb the Eiffel Tower by the stairs June 2012
36. See a meteor shower
37. Go in a submarine
38. Buy my own car outright (CAPTNC)
39. Climb a live volcano
40. See a MBL Baseball game
41. Go in a red telephone box in London July 2012
42. Go paragliding June 2012
43. Read my entire book collection
44. Go on a holiday without my family June 2012
45. Swim with Great White Sharks
46. Win a flag for football
47. Go on a tall ship dressed as a pirate December 2010
48. Go parasailing June 2012
49. Go white water rafting June 2012
50. Drink beer in Munich July 2012
51. See an animal circus
52. Achieve my goal weight
53. Ride an elephant
54. Take a web design class
55. Go skinny dipping June 2012
56. Write an original love poem
57. Go to New York City
58. Send a love letter
59. By my own DSLR and know how to use it properly
60. Be the boss of a company
61. Send a postcard from afar June/July 2012
62. Own my own house
63. See a real castle June/July 2012
64. Go on a road trip July 2015
65. Travel to Egypt just to see the pyramids
66. Travel first class July 2012
67. See Pompeii June 2012
68. Design my own pair of heels
69. See an iceberg
70. Get lost in a hedge maze November 2014
71. See Antarctica
72. Get married
73. Climb the Statue of Liberty
74. Own my own book collection
75. Look for Nessie in Loch Ness July 2012
76. Go to a world cup
77. Own a Lamborghini
78. Have kids
79. Get a tattoo February 2015
80. See Harry Potter World at Universal Studios
81. See Harry Potter Studio Tour in England  July 2012
82. Reach 100 views per day
83. Have 100 followers on my blog March 2013




2 thoughts on “Brigade of Buckets

  1. thatgirlwhit says:

    I love this!!!! June and July of 2012 were big months for you : ) ! You have some that I may need to add to my list!

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