Dream Team Challenge – Day 5

Today’s challenge was about food. Currently my meal plan exists of 3 clean food based meals and 2 protein supplement shakes as snacks. 

I was successful today at having all of that bar a couple of sweet lollies and cheese during the day. If I don’t be honest with myself, I’m only kidding myself. I’m not kidding Jade or you guys. I’m only kidding myself. I’m still learning self control. It takes a lot some times to say no to ‘bad foods’, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable or sad. Anyhoo, yes I did eat some non meal plan foods. Was it worth it? Probably not but I can’t take it back so I’m not going to dwell on the situation. 

So for the daily task, we had to post an image of our knife and fork meal for the day. This was dinner for me. For dinner tonight, I cooked a lean piece of beef scotch fillet steak. I oven baked sweet potato. (Took almost 45 minutes – ridiculous!) Added a cup and bit of salad mix and made my own dressing consisting of half an orange juiced and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It was delicious. 

I’ve also precooked chicken for tomorrow’s lunch, in which I’ll have, chicken, salad, sweet.potato with an oil/vinegar dressing. I might also add some walnuts and pear to make it intersting. I love cooking but I hate having to wait for things to be cooked.

C. Xx

Image by Jade Lee Mind Body Transformations

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