Dream Team Challenge – Day 3

Today is my second day of a two day cleanse.  Sometimes, the first day is easier, sometimes the second day is easier.  This time, the second day has been easier, until around dinner time when I became moody because I’m almost over the line but #boyfie’s dinner smelt amazing.

I didn’t give in. I stayed true to my proper servings of protein bites and I’m about to drink a herbal tea before going to bed. I’ve had a pretty epic day of shopping and that has made me tired and grumpy because it took so long to find what I wanted – being the type of person who doesn’t give up, I found what I wanted which now I am happy.

Today’s daily task was another thinking/pondering my inner self.

The Question: What do you do for you every day that you love?

I honestly couldn’t answer the question because I don’t have an answer.  I cannot think of something that I do every day that is just for myself, that I love.  Sure I do things that I love every day, but they aren’t specifically dedicated to me and my own happiness.

The goal by the end of this 30 days is to have something that I can look forward to every day that is just for me.  Whether that is training at the gym every day or taking 5 minutes to relax with meditation, I will have something.

Sometimes it only takes one person to ask you “What do you love?” to realise that you need to be honest with yourself and say “Is what I am currently doing in life making me the happiest I could be?”… Better still, if it isn’t making you ecstatic, what can you do to get there? Those are the big questions…

Leave a comment with something you love to do every day, just for yourself.



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