Dream Team Challenge – Day 2

jade day 2
Image by Jade Lee Mind Body Transformations

Today brings around Day 2 of our 30 Day Challenge and I’m not in a good head space.

I’m on a deep cleanse day, day 1 of 2. This means I am ridding my body of toxins, using a method of intermittent fasting. Normally, when I do these, I am in a good head space and I’ve eaten enough food the night before to feel comfortable not eating for a couple of days.  I still drink water, herbal teas and snack on milk protein bites to regulate my sugar levels, however I do not have any solid foods or other liquids for these 2 days.

Last night, I was not happy with the dinner I ate (as in I don’t think I ate enough) and it’s just snowballed from there.  I’ve eaten more than the recommended amount of the milk protein bites but I’ve kept up my herbal tea and the no solid foods, which is a good thing.

That’s all I’ve had today to eat/drink so nothing else to report there.

Moving on to our daily task for the challenge.  As I said yesterday, this is a mind and body challenge.  Some days aren’t always going to be physical, like today. Jade wants to know what we love.  What we love about our lives, our job, ourselves and what we can do to help turn negatives into positives.  She also wants to know what the biggest thing is that we can control over these 30 days. So there are my answers… (with a little more detail than the post on our Facebook page).

1. What do love about yourself?
This question is designed to make you think about yourself deeply.  Most people looking for a change, are looking because they don’t like something about themselves.  They don’t like their weight or their appearance.  However, to be content with yourself and move forward positively in your life, you need to know what you DO love about yourself.

I love my competitiveness.  Competition is healthy and it makes me work harder and smarter.  I love my desire to want to achieve greatness.  Achieve greatness how?  Reach all my goals I set and then create news ones and smash those out of the park as well.  I want to build my company up and become a successful business and will do everything I can to make that happen.  One other part of me that I love is my strength to just keep going when things are tough.  People look up to those people who are strong, loving and genuinely care about others.  I would like to think one day, I can help someone stay strong and get through because I was strong for both of us.

2. What do you love about your life?
This question took me a few goes to find a proper answer.  I wrote an answer and then said, I’m just writing it to have something.  These things don’t make you happy.  It is really important to find something in life that you love in order to keep a healthy mind and soul.  

I love that my small circle of friends are so supportive.  I don’t have many close friends but that’s okay.  The ones I do have, have my back when they need it and I have their shoulders to shed tears on, if I ever need that.  It’s not about quantity, it’s about QUALITY.  I didn’t write this in the group but I am also grateful for football being back in my life.  It’s a strange thing to say, a piece of sporting equipment makes your life better; but it does for me.  The small round ball is my freedom.  When I was playing, there was nothing else that mattered for that 90 minutes out of the field.  Just me, the ball and the back of the net. Now I can’t play, I’ve been given an opportunity to help out with some football clubs and I’ve taken that with both hands and will run with it for as long as I can. Football is life for me.

3. What do you love about your workplace?
I’ll be totally honest – my work is frustrating me right now.  Maybe it’s a speed hump, maybe it’s not.  However, going with our positive mind-set and thinking, just because I don’t like my job at the moment, doesn’t mean I can’t get something positive out of it.  It is important to find that happy balance.  Let’s face the facts, I spend a good 40 hours there a week.  That’s a decent chunk of my life.  

I don’t love my job but I love that it’s given me experience.  Life experience, corporate world experience and even better for me, event planning experience. I can then use this experience to eventually move into the role that I will love and radiate happiness everywhere.  

4. What can you do to change your negatives to positives?
Turning negatives into positives can be a tricky situation.  Sometimes, we like to wallow in self-pity at our negatives because it takes more energy to be happy and try to find the positives.  This 30 Day Challenge is about retraining our mind to see the positives in something before we even see the negatives.  By the end of this challenge, positive thoughts will fill all of our minds before the negative ones do.

To help me realise the positives and have that mind shift away from negatives, I need to be able to accept the things I cannot change and move on.  If I cannot control it with my mind or my physical self, then it’s not worth worrying about and getting worked up.  I also need to remember and keep telling myself that success isn’t an overnight thing.  It takes time and hard work.  I know I am up for the work but I struggle with not having success now.  In a society where we want everything now, success is something that takes it’s time.  I can only do so much to control how successful I am.  I can only do as much as I can do, then it becomes something I cannot control and I just need to go for the ride.

5. What’s the biggest thing you’re going to take control of over the next 30 days!!
This question is about control and that is something that I like having.  I am in control of my own life, mindset and goals.  Self-sabotage is my biggest weakness so that is something I am learning to control over these 30 days. 

I will be taking control of my eating habits and making sure i am sticking to my meal plan.  The meal plan works and if I want to get where I want to be, there is no excuses.  I also need to be a little more positive in my thoughts and give myself a little credit for all the things I have achieved so far.

How’s that for deep cleansing and thinking??

C. xx

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