Dream Team Challenge – Day 1

Today, we as a team, #teamjlmbt or #jadesdreamteam started our 30 day challenge.  It’s not just about fitness or just about eating healthy, it’s abour a full body transformation and cleanse.

To keep me accountable, I did say I would post up what I ate.. The good with the bad..

Breakfast – Pro-Oats (oats, milk, water, protein powder)
Mid morning snack – Cashew caramel protein bar
Lunch – Rye sandwich with chicken, avocado, lettuce and beetroot
Afternoon snack – 2 pieces 70% dark chocolate, chocolate protein shake and 1/2 mug of coffee
Before gym – Pre-work Power and Eshot
Post-workout – Post-work Recover and 1 scoop protein powder
Dinner – Steak and salad with orange & balsamic dressing
After dinner – Lemon Chobani yoghurt

That seems like a lot of food however, I am actually still hungry.  I absolutely demolished my workout tonight.  I was feeling alright going into it besides the ongoing headache.  It did take me a while to get into the right mindset during my fitness test but I got there.

Today’s daily task for the dream team was to go for a run and post a selfie photo and/or your time.  There was a great response from those dedicated to the 30 day challenge.  There was no set limits on how long you had to run for or how far you travelled – criteria just said run. In my fitness test tonight I had a 1km run as quickly as I could manage. My previous effort was 5.13 which isn’t too shabby for me.  I’ve been training pretty hard this last month so I definitely knew I could beat that time.  I did come in at 4.46 this time round.  Couldn’t be more happy to cut almost half a minute off my time.  Sub 4.30 is looking great for the end of 30 days.

After the fitness test, I had a Chest, Triceps & Shoulders PT session with Jade. Got some pretty decent PB’s.  Bench pressed with 15kg dumbbells for multiple sets  which I was really happy about.

I am absolutely knackered now and I’m almost falling asleep typing this.  Tomorrow brings another day, another task, another challenge and more opportunities to get better.

C. xx

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