Post-Workout Post!

Hey Friends!
How are you?
What have you been doing?
Where is all the fun at?

Following my weekly post workout video on Instagram (@candicelancaster – go follow me!), tonight I had my weekly PT session with Jade and like all the others, it was full on and tough going.

We have been focusing majorly on my upper body; back, arms, shoulders and chest. Being a footballer player, all the strength I have comes from my legs and I had weedy little chicken arms.  Ladies and gents, let me tell you, that has changed.

We have been raising the bar (Literally! See what I did there?) in my training and it’s paying off ten fold.

Tonight’s workout was no different.  Here is it.  (Disclaimer: I did not take notice of what each weight said so I’ll just be posting the exercises and sets we did of each.  Jade remembers what I’ve used in the past and knows my limits and where to push them or let them lie as they are.  All my sets have 1 minute rest between them and we are looking at a suitable weight where my muscles do fatigue by the end of each set.)

10 minute walk – wasn’t feeling the run today so just did a reasonable paced walk

Assisted pullups – narrow under grip – 4 sets @ 8-12 reps each
1 jogging lap around the gym as a rest
Assisted pullups – wide over grip – 4 sets @ 8-12 reps each

Lat pull down – narrow under grip – 4 sets @ 8-12 reps each

DB bent over row  – 4 sets @ 8-12 reps each
1 minute skipping – 4 sets

Bicep curl machine – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps each

Hammer to bicep curls – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps
BB bicep curl – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps

Seated BB shoulder press – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps
Seated DB side raises – 3 sets @ 8-12 reps

At this point, I told Jade that I was about to throw up and I’m done. Finito. Finished. #Seeyoubye! I then stretched and has my post workout shake as both of those are vital to my recovery.

I’m wrecked.  I can feel it in my lats, back and shoulders already.  Tomorrow morning is not going to be fun when I have to wash my hair in the shower. I’ve really enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy, I’m sure) my new program and training routine. I’m almost 30 days into it and when I hit that 30 days, it has already been hinted that we will be kicking it up another notch. I CANNOT WAIT! 😀

Look out #wineglassarms and #rippedabs.

La Love,
C. xx


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