The Weekend Approaches.



I will be going home and making my way to the gym to smash some sort of body part.  I haven’t been to the gym properly in around a month. This is due to the stress of school and having this awful headache.  I did go last night even thought I should have been studying but I felt pretty good afterwards.  There are 123 days remaining until my college graduation and I need to shed some fat and add some tone into my body.  All this stress of school and work had caused me to dive head first off the healthy eating wagon.  I can only blame myself for that and no one else.

I can assess my goals for this year and to date, have achieved none of them.  That doesn’t mean I can’t finish the year off strong.  I still have around 140 days to be fit and strong.  I knew the year was going to be stressful with school, but I seriously underestimated the level of work.  My trainer and I are going to assess my body composition scan on Tuesday and see where I need to work on.

We received brief 4 on Wednesday. *super stressed face* I am only just working on brief 3 now.  I am going to have this whole weekend with my head in my laptop, pushing out information and creativity. Brief 3 is on design and brief 4 is on budgeting. Luckily, we don’t need factual figures for items.  We can just list line items.

I need to create some mood boards which I’ve started pinning images to Pinterest.  We also need to identify 5 key design elements for the event we are doing. With the help of my class mates, I think I have the 5 I need but as I pin things up, I will assess them again.

We viewed a Major Project on Wednesday night that is actually now coming to life.  I want that to happen to my event.  It might be a little more extravagant than this now real event but I can see this coming to life.

I am going to keep posting over the weekend to let you know where I am up to and what progress I have made.  At the very least, it will show myself how much I have done and how much I have left.

Happy Weekend Everyone.

La Love,
C. x


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