Weekend Craziness.

This weekend I was so busy with other commitments that no study got done. Well maybe just a teeny tiny fraction but nothing worth a look in.

The #boyfie and I went out for dinner on Friday night for his birthday, which is coming up this week. It ended up just being us and his dad at the pub watching his AFL team play, which was great. That’s what he likes, so that’s what we did.

Yesterday, I had an all day first aid course with my college classmates (I passed. Yay!) and an engagement party to attend. I fell asleep on the couch once we got home so no study got done either.

Today, I went to bootcamp this morning and was feeling alright until my hip started playing up and I just physically lost it. Tears and shortness of breath. I had to go outside for a 5 minute breather to calm down and relax. My hip flexor is too tight and rubs across my pelvis creating this flicking/clicking noise and feeling when I do certain exercises. It doesn’t hurt but it’s extremely frustrating. We are pretty certain this is from my knee reconstruction but nothing at the moment seems to help. My head is also not giving up and still hurting. I’m going to see Jade on Tuesday hopefully for another session of back and neck massage.

I’m still stressed. To the max.

The rest of the day was spent getting my hair done and napping in #boyfie’s bed as I am just exhausted all the time. I just needed that “me time” even though no study got done. I don’t think I was going to be very productive anyway.

I did manage to finish up the visual look of my playing jerseys for my project. I’m pretty stoked with them. I used Adidas MiTeam to create them so I can’t take all the credit for designing.

Here they are.

3 Fotor_Collage watermark

I still need to figure out the full design and image I am going for but I definitely know my colour pallette and couldn’t be happier with these.

I have a writing piece due tomorrow and my next brief on Wednesday. Depending on work I may write tomorrow’s piece at lunch time and start on the brief on Tuesday. It is just a draft so even if I can get some dot points down, it will be better than nothing.

It is time for bed and a new week to start. I wish Friday was closer.

La love,

I really love comments and feedback!

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