Brighter Days

Today was a really successful day. I didn’t even do anything out of the ordinary.


I started the morning with something just for me. Sunday morning bootcamp. I got absolutely pummeled.

Warm up
10 x 70 Metre sprints/runs (only approx. distance)

1.2km block run
Not too shabby after having stopped running outside for a long time. The wind is not your friend. I’m not sure how long I completed it in but it wasn’t a pretty time compared to what I’ve done before.

5 minute AMRAP (As many reps as possible)
10 squats,10 pushups,10 sit ups
I didn’t count. My feet pushups are still very average.

Exercise circuit (approx. 1 min each)
Sledge hammer onto a tractor tyre
Tractor tyre flip
Frog jumps
Dead lifts

7&7 R&R (Rounds and Reps)
Jump squats
Quick gutter jumps  

Exercise circuit x2 (approx. 30 seconds each)
Sledge hammer onto a tractor tyre
Tractor tyre flip
Frog jumps
Dead lifts

1.2km block run. 

I had nothing left in the tank. It was all gone but it felt great.

Th rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent with me visiting my nanna’s house and doing some grocery shopping.

On and off since 3.30pm I’ve been studying and writing my 2nd brief. Fair to say that I got a lot done today and all I have left is a couple of maps (at work because my screen there is bigger) and a summary in why I chose AAMI Park as my venue. I should get that done and dusted tomorrow morning.

Pretty happy with myself on the achievements today, no matter how small.

Now to do it all over again tomorrow.

Enjoy the last hour of the weekend.

La love,

I really love comments and feedback!

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