No Pain. No Gain.

Massages. Supposed to be relax right? WRONG. Well just today anyway.

Over the last 6 months where my stress levels have gone into overdrive, I’ve been working up some great knots in my shoulders and back. Only the week just past did the decide to give me epic headaches and have me do something about them.

My gym trainer is also a trained in myotherapy and gives some pretty good massages. Today was no exception.

Wowie. Did it hurt? Just a little bit. Okay. A lot. Did I need it? Yes. Badly.

I haven’t got as many headaches today but hopefully I start to feel heaps better tomorrow after a warm shower and good night’s sleep.

If anyone is looking for a PT or massage therapist, hit up Jade at J-D’fined Fitness. I’m not being biased because she already trains me but this girl is amazing. Her schedule is twice or three times as crazy as mine yet she makes each person feel like they’re her top priority.

I love her. She hurts me. We get results.

Find her here.

…and here.

Time for sleeping. 🙂

La love,


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