Again. This time it’s 10:30pm Monday night.

Stress. Failure. Repeat.

Does it get better? Does it get easier?

My life has turned upside down since studying at college. Some days I feel great about it. Other days, like today, when I have an assignment due in a day and a half,  I’m stressing myself sick trying to find time to complete it. Do I throw a sickie and stay home to try complete it or do I go to work and the gym to have that “me time” and stay up late trying to complete it? How did I even get in this situation?

Poor planning? I honestly have cut nearly all plans to fit in college life. I might see the gym 3 times a week if I’m lucky and I’m working 7:30am until 5:00pm every day. College nights are 2 days a week. That’s 5 nights I could be studying. If I gave up literally all human interaction, maybe.

I feel like I’m the only one stressing. Maybe it’s myself and all the pressure I put on my own shoulders but everyone else seems to be tackling things fine. I just feel like I’m in struggle street. It’s only Monday and I want it to be Saturday already.

Failure isn’t an option for me. Perfection is. Stress needs to go and calm needs to venture on in. The storm can wait.

La love,
C. x


3 thoughts on “Stress.

  1. Being the best is also a choice, and not everyone has the same determination and standard of them selves as you do… This my lovely will be the thing that sets you higher then the rest!! YOU ARE GREAT and never forget it 🙂 Only you can push yourself to far.. but what is to far? Yet again inly a barrier that set by you! 🙂
    Take it from the champion life juggler… I Should have been in a circus monkey!

    Keep shining bright, aiming high.. The universe is an infinity of opportunities awaiting us!

    Much love xx

  2. Hi there! I would definitely, definitely encourage that you make sure you factor some “YOU time” into your college lifestyle. Make it a priority! Work it into your schedule! College can be hectic, and it can definitely slip you off your feet, but it is so important that you work hard, but also play hard. Have time for yourself, and your social life and go out and have fun! It so important that from time to time you take a break from all the work and stress and just really enjoy life beyond the walls of the library. Plus, working out releases TONS of happy endorphins that’ll make you feel really good and relieve tons of the stress.

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