How Many Days?

FYI: Shortish Post.  I have somewhere to be and some things need doing and I need to listen to some more people but since I haven’t posted anything of great content lately, I thought I’d throw one in while I have a spare 15 minutes.

Yesterday found me in a terrible situation. I HADN’T BEEN TO THE GYM IN 12 DAYS. That’s almost 2 full weeks. Look, it’s not all my fault. Someone decided to do renovations. I’m pointing at you, Renee. Just because our new studio looks super AWESOME, doesn’t mean you should inconvenience everyone else. 😛 Jus’ joshing!

ANYWAY… I got there after work and it was a legs day.  Probably the best
workout day. EVER. Seriously. I love legs day. My most favourite trainer Jade (I am just hoping that wins me brownie points for Friday’s session) was back on night sessions and she had a doozie planned.

First up was a tabata warm up on the spin bikes.  I love to hate them.  Tabata works you so hard in such a small amount of time but it also smashes you.  I was sweating like I’d been in a shower already.  After my killer warm up was the real classes.  No weight machines today.  It was a squat marathon.  Squat here. Squat there. Here are some dumbells.  Squat using these. Maybe I’ll throw in some step ups for one round but you will be back to squats the next one!  Phew.  She honestly killed me, nicely.

Three fulls rounds of board work out and we were done.  OR WERE WE?

I wasn’t done.  The rest of the gym was however I had my weekly boxing session. #HI5

I had missed this session sooooo much.  I’ll be frank.  It’s definitely not the same without my Lou Lou but I get by.  We had a huge class compared to our normal sessions.  I’d say around 14 people this time, compared to our normal 6-8 people. Jade gave us ”oldies” different exercises to the newbies but we did go back to basics just to get the hang on it again.


Now.  After 12 days of no gym and a month of no boxing, I was expecting to be pretty sore today. As the day has gone on, my abductors are getting sore, but not unbearable.  I don’t know if it is because I didn’t work hard enough, or my muscles still remember everything and are coping.  I’ll just wait and see what tomorrow brings for me.  🙂

I have some super news for you all which I will put up in my next post (hopefully).  Let’s just say I am real pumped for this year and what it’s going to bring me.  Just as I was getting back into blogging, my life is getting busy. UGH! I will do my best to be here. 🙂

La Love,
C. x


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