She’s Got Legs…

Yes. Today was legs day at my gym. Boy, was it a hot and sweaty day already, before I got there. After, well, I felt like I’d stepped out of the shower.

Here’s me. #letmetakeaselfie


Repping my new Running Bare compression workout shorts I got on sale for 30% off. #win

Anyways, the workout was simple but tough.  Goes a little something like this. (Not Run DMC :p)

1.5 minute bike
3 minute floor
1.5 minute leg machine
3 minute floor
1.5 minute bike

And so on…

The floor exercises consisted of the following group. Each 3 minute floor allocation you do a pair of exercises for 1.5 minutes each in total.

The pairs were:

Body bar squat/jump squat
Right leg step squat/step up
Left step squat/step up
Body bar lunges/kick lunge.

For example, you would do 45 sec body bar squat, 45 sec jump squat, 45 sec body bar squat and one last 45 sec jump squats.

Get it? Cool.

Let’s see how sore the pins are tomorrow. 🙂

La love,
C. x

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