“Run the Rock” Results

 It’s been a while since you guys have seen a fitness update and monthly running challenge; 8 months actually.  The last running challenge I did was in March and I didn’t even post my results.  I don’t have them anymore so I can’t tell you what they were.  I haven’t even posted my results for the Cancer Council Run the Rock fun run, back in April.  Let’s start with that shall we?

 As you can read in my previous post, I am nursing a suspected ACL tear. (It’s not fun, at all. What is more frustrating is my ability to do almost everything normally but still being no clearer on an actual factual diagnosis.)  This incident happened on Friday the 12th April.  My running event was on the Saturday 27th April.  There was no chance that I was running the 19km race anymore.  The physio had already ruled that out.  He had given me some hope that I’d be able to run in the 10km race though! *YAY*  I went and saw him a week later and he told me it was my call on the event but if it was him, he wouldn’t even participate anymore.  Well, I couldn’t do that.   People had sponsored me to run in the event so I had to partake, even if I crawled across the finish line.  I made the best decision I could and organized to run/walk in the 5km event.  If my knee gave way, at least I could hobble across the line.

 A few days before the event, this arrived!  An official Cancer Council running shirt.  I wasn’t going to wear it at the event as I would get too hot but I wanted one to show that I supported the cause.  You could also buy Run the Rock tees as well, which I ordered and picked up on the day.   I wanted a memory of my first official fun run (pity it wasn’t what I planned, but hey, I did it!).


Event day comes around and there are people everywhere. I got there just before my official event (19km) was about to start so I could tell them that I needed to change events.  This meant I was an hour early but that didn’t matter.  I watched the kids 2km fun run around the race track and made sure my knee was supported as it could be.  I was getting nervous because I didn’t know how my knee would hold up.  The announcement was made a sea of people flooded the starting area.  It was a tad chilly but I knew within a few minutes of running I would be warm.  In these few moments, I realised I’d cleaned up my phone and I had no music whatsoever on my phone.  BLANK. GONE! I didn’t panic but I knew I needed something playing in my ears to get me in the right frame of mine.  I live streamed through the Music Hub app on my Samsung S3 and we were in business.  I’d worry about my downloads when I’d finished.

 Blood pumped hard when the starting gun went and it took a while for the people in front of me to move.  I found my way to the fence where there was a clear run.  I shot through and off I went.  The first 2 kms were good.  I had a good pace and I was happy with the way things were panning out, I was making good time.  Just before the 3km mark, I spotted a bloke, looking exhausted and he’d just started walking.  As I passed him, I tapped his shoulder, smiled and said, C’mon mate, you can do it.’  With that, he started running again.  We were all in this together.   Between 3km-4km there was a section of asphalt that spanned around 300M.  Injury free, I shouldn’t really be running on it because it’s really harsh on my joints; so running on it then (with what I know now is a ACL tear) was not really a good idea either.  I made about 100M of it and my knee started to hurt.  I had walked almost the rest of it when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  That same guy I’d inspired smiled at me this time and said C’mon, it’s not far now!’.  With that, I was back on the grass and almost at the 4km mark.  I switched back into my groove and found  the rhythm of my run.  The last kilometre was filled with people cheering on the runners and I knew this was my break to try make a good time.  I spotted a girl in front of me and said, catch her.  I did.  Repeat.  Kids were stretching their hands out, waiting for high fives and laughing.  Why not I said.  For about 100M I high-fived as many kids as I could.  It was amazing.  No one from my family could make the race, so seeing there smiling faces was almost as good.  With about 300M to go until the finish line, I picked my pace and just focused on the end,  I could see the time and I knew it was going to be close to a PB.  It was quite there but it was a decent effort with an injured leg.  I pushed my body over the line and it was over.  I’d done it and I was so proud of myself.  Water, electrolytes and carbs were handed out at the finish line,

 I had timed it on my phone but I knew it would be a few seconds out.  I’d have to wait for my official time.



 I had finished in the top 20 of my age group which was an excellent result for me.  The goal now is to get fit and healthy again for this year’s event and hopefully I can try running the 19km race again.

  I’m trying really hard to get back into it but the unknown diagnosis on my knee is keeping me a little disheartened.  I have tried to go back to football a few times but there is no improvement in my knee.  I need to block out the thoughts of hurting it badly every time I run.  Running in a straight, forward movement shouldn’t have any issues.  It’s keeping motivated to go every day, that is my issue.

 My goal this year is to work as hard as I can on getting my fitness back and power through my physio once I have my operation.  I want to get back to competitive sport; whether that is football, hockey or more running events. I have also taken up another endeavor which will be included in another post! (Finding all sorts of things to post about now! Hopefully I can keep it up!)


Just keep swimming motivated, that’s what I have to keep telling my brain and my heart will do the rest.

 C. x

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