Adventure-A-Day April – Excerpt Twenty Nine

*The Adventure Continues*

JUly 6th 2012

I woke and it was our last day of tour.  We didn’t have anything planned except for a long ride back to London, where there was dinner planned for any keen participants at The London Pub. We said good bye to those staying on in Amsterdam and those who were dropped off at the airport.  I was sad but excited about starting my own adventure.

It was a typical travel day with glorious landscapes and Arnie playing every time we needed to stop.

We arrived in London late in the afternoon (possibly even early evening!) and we played our tour song ‘So Good’  by B.O.B one more time.  I shed a tear because even though I hadn’t got on with a few of the group, I had spent the last 30 days with them and some of them had become quite good friends of mine.

It was at this point, Cindy (our TM) made the annoucement that we were her first ever tour and that we would always hold a special place in her heart.  That made  me smile and shed a few more tears but happy ones.

After dropping off my luggage at my hotel, I made my way back to The London Pub and had a few quite froffies to finish off a chapter in my 8 week adventure.

I was sad it had finished but glad because I knew what was happening next and it was going to be a blinder.

The adventure never really ends,
C. x


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